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Grills and BBQ accessories

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Ginepro grill pan, Terra.Cotto enameled cast iron
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Grills and BBQ accessories: history and information

When you want meat or barbecue, the right accessories and the best grill pans are essential to cook juicy steaks and quality dishes, without having to overdo it with fats and seasonings to prevent food from sticking. A good product in a non-stick material, with a good workmanship and comfortable to use, such as our grill pans, can not only make your food excellent, but it can also help you cook better and in a much healthier way, improving your lifestyle. In addition, whether your foods will preserve all their characteristic aromas, enriching themselves with tasty notes without necessarily having to resort to &' excess salt or seasonings


In short, Spaghetti & Mandolino offers you the convenience of the best quality grill pans and the best barbecue accessories, to best satisfy your desire for meat. Whatever you choose, it will arrive at your home wrapped in standard packaging and with delivery by


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