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Artisan Desserts and Sweets

Artisan Desserts and Sweets: history and information

How best to end your lunch, if not with a typical Italian dessert? From sbrisolona to pandoro, from panettone to panforte to peaches in syrup. Our tour d&' Italy could only end sweetly, amidst the artisanal culinary caresses

of our producers.

In our online shop you will find many typical Italian desserts for sale such as Baci di Dama, Torrone di Pontedera, Cavallucci and Panforte di Siena and artisanal panettone. The “bookable” desserts are those that come directly from the pastry shop, made at the time of &' order, for you. We guarantee for you a standard packaging that preserves all the characteristics and properties of the product, and a fast shipment to allow you to have these flavors on the table in

a very short time.

Dessert is a sweet dish that is normally served at the end of a meal. Etymologically, the term derives from the French verb to serve, which conjugated to the third person singular of the present indicative is precisely “the dessert” which literally indicates the one who clears. L&' the custom of eating fresh or dried fruit at the end of a meal is very old but dessert becomes an integral part of the meal, at least in the West, only in fairly recent periods.

Before &' Nineteenth Century, in fact, sweets were a privilege granted only to aristocratic or upper-bourgeois families because sugar was a raw material that was difficult to find and, above all, very expensive. L&' Italy, even in this field, has been able to produce truly extraordinary desserts, with very different shapes, textures and flavors. In fact, there are many artisanal desserts linked to the countless stories and traditions strongly rooted in every region, city or town of our beloved Italy.


As always, Italian artisanal producers know how to stand out for their creativity, skill, passion, experience and dedication. These are all the characteristics that make Italian desserts a &' excellence of prim&' order. In fact, thanks to their incredible work, our artisanal producers bring to your table only the best of Italian pastry with typical products that have centuries of history behind them and that contain all the scents and traditions of an entire territory.

It is important to choose carefully what you choose to serve as dessert at each end of a meal, especially if these are important occasions. Precisely for this reason, we at Spaghetti&Mandolino have made for you a selection of only excellent confectionery products from the best artisan workshops d& #39; Italy.

All our desserts are created with passion and skill by artisanal workshops that use only the highest quality raw materials and that follow recipes that have been part of their cultural and gastronomic heritage since time immemorial. The variety you will find aims to satisfy everyone's needs and tastes, offering quick but also more elaborate desserts, suitable for any occasion.


All the handmade sweets in our selection are truly unique! It starts with the most famous ones known throughout Italy but even at &' abroad such as, for example, Pandoro, Panettone and Colomba, baked goods to be consumed, according to tradition, during specific holidays such as Christmas and Easter. An Easter cake that perhaps not everyone knows is the Pigna Molise, typical of Molise. Then there are many artisanal dry pastry desserts that trace the sweet traditions d&' Italy from North to South: from the kisses of Piedmontese ladies, to the Mantuan sbrisolona, to the Parma spongata, to the Tuscan cantucci, the Molisan mostaccioli and many others.

There are also products worth trying that bring with them a truly intriguing story such as, for example, the Heart of Cercequita or the more traditional pies; then there are truly timeless cakes such as the very famous Sacher. You will find all this and much more but with one certainty: always choose only the best artisanal desserts, prepared in excellent laboratories with a lot of passion and attention to the quality of the raw materials but also to the protection of traditions rooted in

the territory.


Spaghetti & Mandolino has always been synonymous with quality and professionalism: we are l&' the only e-commerce in Italy that guarantees a selection and that allows l&' online purchase of the best artisanal desserts and desserts. Precisely because of the quality, these products deserve shipping and packaging in accordance with the law that preserves the integrity, freshness and characteristics of each individual product through freshness-saving packaging and

packaging. #39