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The best rice and the best Italian pasta

The best rice and the best Italian pasta: history and information

Renowned all over the world, together with pizza, Italian pasta is certainly the flower of' the jewel of our cuisine and rice is one of the excellent products of our agriculture. Needless to say: they are essential, irreplaceable

on our tables.

Gragnano pasta, then, represents the true story of Italian pasta! In our shop you can find for sale online the best Italian pasta and the best rice ever, excellent products from large pasta factories and rice mills. From Paccheri di Gragnano to pasta made with Senatore Cappelli wheat. And then the range of the famous Felicetti pasta factory, strictly organic products. Then we have rice for every taste, up to ready and really good risottos! In this section you will also find quinoa, the mother of all seeds, very famous for its beneficial properties, for sale online!

Why choose the pasta and rice producers we have selected?

Spaghetti & Mandolino has always been synonymous with quality: we are l&' the only e-commerce in Italy that guarantees a selection and allows the online purchase of certified Italian rice and pasta of excellence. Precisely because of the quality, these products deserve shipping and packaging in accordance with the law that preserves the integrity, freshness and characteristics of each individual product through freshness-saving packaging and

packaging. #39

Spaghetti & Mandolino offers you only quality products: Italian pasta and rice all&' in our catalog for sale online they have important nutritional values that indicate high levels of product quality, so much so that they are used by great chefs and great restaurants.

It is always important to eat healthy and control the quality of the product that will end up on our plates. The best thing would be to always eat organic pasta with whole durum wheat semolina, rich in fibers and protective antioxidants, as well as free of residues deriving from artificial pesticides and excessive fertilization. As a good rule, it would be to focus on whole wheat pasta and avoid “refined” pasta, which are completely free of polyphenols and protective and anti-inflammatory substances for the body, as well as the substances contained in wheat germ. Wheat germ is in fact a concentrate of nutrients such as amino acids, fatty acids, mineral salts, B vitamins and tocopherols (vitamin E), which are eliminated

during the refining process.

Choice of rice: semifine, fine, semintregral, whole wheat

Certain precautions are also important when choosing rice. This type of food, originally imported from &' Asia as a thickener for sauces but then used as a real ingredient as it is extremely versatile in the kitchen, has many types and classifications of different properties and qualities. There are the common original rice, semi-fine, fine and superfine. The qualities, on the other hand, are: white rice (refined), which is stripped of the integument that covers it and then brushed with glucose and talc before being polished (made shiny) with seed oil and vaseline; and brown rice, which is recommended for those who suffer from nutritional deficiencies as refining impoverishes rice from its natural nutritional components. Furthermore, organic brown rice keeps its properties intact: it undergoes only a passage through cork rollers to be deprived of the inedible outer part of the grain, the husk, and it preserves 100% of the wheat germ, rich in vitamins A, D and E. Then there is also the organic semi-wholemeal, which is rubbed a second time and preserves 50% of the

original germ.

Spelt pasta, Matt, Kamut, with egg

Our catalog is very varied. In fact, we also offer you spelt pasta, unique for its lightness and digestibility, and made with one of the most sought after and expensive flours. Then c&' it's Matt durum wheat pasta, one of the most sought after by restaurateurs: a pasta that requires careful and scrupulous processing so as not to lose the properties of this particular variety of wheat. We also have Kamut pasta, a durum wheat, Khorasan, which is an old Egyptian variety that is very tasty and rich in protein. You can also choose different types of pasta all&' egg, also&' it is the flagship of Italian pasta, like the legendary tagliatelle!


Special mention for: pasta di Gragnano and pasta Senatore Cappelli

Gragnano pasta, then, if not l&' have you ever tried it, we highly recommend it to you: a delicious, intense pasta that tastes almost like wheat! Pasta made with Senatore Cappelli wheat is also' it's an incredible pasta: a must try!

Quinoa: the superfood

For the healthiest c&' it is also a wide range of quinoa-based products: a particular food, difficult to find with a high level of dietary quality because its nutritional intake is exceptional while

maintaining a low amount of calories.

The pasta factories

How can we forget two flagships - perhaps among the most renowned names in Italy: Pastificio Felicetti and Gragnano in Corsa. Two completely different types of pasta, a decidedly cross-cutting offer for Felicetti with its Matt, Senatore Cappelli, Farro and Kamut wheat lines, while in the southern Italian tradition for Gragnano in Corsa with its Gragnano IGP pasta. As you may have understood, two opposing locations (Predazzo for Felicetti and Gragnano for Gragnano in Corsa), two people at odds with one goal and the passion to achieve it: to differentiate themselves and make Italian pasta inimitable. And then Pastificio Temporin with its egg pasta, Stoppato for quinoa and gluten-free pasta and ready-made risottos, Pila Vecia for Vialone Nano rice and Riseria Cremonesi with all its types of rice.
All we have to do is wish you bon appetit!