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Acquerello riso: scopri i prodotti

Cultivated, processed and packaged at Tenuta Colombara, in the heart of the province of Vercelli, Acquerello rice is a unique Carnaroli in the world.

Acquerello rice: the story of a centuries-old rice mill

Everything started 500 years ago, at &' approximately in &' year 1400, when the Colombara Estate was founded, where before c&' it was a hostel for travelers. This is where rice cultivation starts.
Over the centuries, the estate was expanded and rebuilt, and in 1920 the dormitory of the mondine, the seasonal rice field workers, was also built.
Fifteen years later, Cesare Rondolino became the third owner of the estate, succeeded by his son Piero, who began to cultivate different varieties of rice.

In 1991 Piero Rondolino began the monoculture production of Carnaroli, and this is how Riso Acquerello was born.
Finally, we come to 2002, when a new rice mill was built, in which the most suitable technologies for the processing of Watercolor and the reintegration of the gem were installed.

Watercolor Rice: the secret to perfect rice lies in &' cultivation environment

For Acquerello l&' environment is the key to a perfect product. The Vercelli plain is historically the area par excellence dedicated to the cultivation of rice, and it is precisely here that Acquerello is cultivated.

Precisely, 200 hectares of land are cultivated, in which l&' water, coming from Dora Baltea, is always kept at high levels to preserve a delicate ecosystem and the fauna that characterizes the rice field, composed mostly of frogs, dragonflies, herons and other aquatic birds.

For Acquerello, l&' environment is important, and its care and respect are fundamental. L&' commitment to sustainability and to the protection of flora and fauna is applied at 360 degrees: 456 photovoltaic panels have been installed on the roof of the rice mill; in this way l&' the company is autonomous from an energy point of view.

Even the packaging of Acquarello rice is environmentally friendly: resistant and recyclable, the can containing the rice is made of steel. #39 L&' packaging is practical and safe, and preserves all the flavors and l&' high quality that distinguish the product.

Acquerello rice: the details that make the difference for a unique product

rice is really good, rich and healthy.
Good because it is l&' the only one that is worked with l&' propeller, a delicate process that keeps every grain intact.
It is also richer than other products because it is aged for at least a year in refrigerated silos, making l&' starch contained in beans more stable.

Finally, Acquerello rice is a healthier rice because thanks to a patented process, the gem is reabsorbed into the grain, thus maintaining the most precious nutritional values of brown rice.

The processing is what makes the difference for Acquerello: there are 20 steps necessary to obtain the final product, starting with &' helix, which is all' today it is considered the best method for bleaching rice by rubbing the grains.

Also part of the processing process is l&' aging, during which raw rice is, in fact, aged in silos at a temperature lower than 15°C. Thanks to this step l&' starch stabilizes and disperses to a lesser extent during cooking.
L&' aging can be extended up to 7 years, and we assure you - it has already happened to us - this very aged rice has become one of the must-haves on the Spaghetti & Mandolino website.

“For me, quality is nothing more than a guarantee of consistency, where the standard that is respected is subjective, different from all the others.” These are the words of Piero Rondolino that best of all describe the passion, dedication and quality that Acquerello infuses

with his work.