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Sweets, typical Italian cookies and almond cookies

Sweets, typical Italian cookies and almond cookies: history and information

We have traveled all over Italy far and wide to be able to offer you only the best quality desserts, typical Italian cookies and almond nuts. What unfolds before your eyes is a very wide choice among products that, in all their simplicity, enclose the history and traditions

of an entire country.

Only sweets, typical Italian biscuits and quality almonds

Sweets and biscuits: never without!

L&' Italianness is also reflected in this, in a real excellence such as pastry, which is able to offer you something special to carry on your tables in comfort and that can always brighten your days but also amaze your guests.

An inimitable taste in a small format, with some of the most disparate shapes and colors but rich in quality and which are above all the fruit of the creative vein and of the countless traditions that make us so proud to be Italian.

Our artisanal products are only the best you can find on the market because we at Spaghetti and Mandolino have carefully selected for you only the best desserts, typical Italian cookies and almond nuts. The choice is very varied and always has the same two characteristics that are one of the main trademarks that distinguish us from other e-commerce: the very high quality of the raw materials and l&' skill and l&' experience of the artisans who use them to create truly excellent products that we are then able to offer you with professionalism and security.

You won't be disappointed because there's n&' it's really to satisfy everyone's taste!


The term biscuit derives from the late medieval Latin biscotum which literally means "cooked twice" and in fact, originally, the cookies were nothing more than pieces of bread passed back in the oven twice to lose all traces of moisture, an element that favored their preservation for long periods of time.

The history of cookies is very old and it seems that there is news of them, thanks to archaeological findings, starting in ancient Egypt where they were mainly consumed by the Pharaohs. In ancient Greece, on the other hand, votive cookies were prepared in the shape of animals that were then dedicated to the various deities; it is also thought that in the Middle Ages, during the Crusades, cookies were taken to the sea as provisions for soldiers and sailors, precisely because of their easy preservation.

In the 19th century, there was an exponential growth in the consumption of cookies, when they began to be eaten in the salons of &' upper middle class to accompany tea. Thanks to the trade with the East, cookies were then enriched with spices, sugar, fruit and much more, gradually creating the recipes that we still know today.

Over the centuries, cookies have changed radically, changing in shape, flavor and texture, but still maintaining two characteristics common to their ancestors: crunchiness and friability.

Today l&' Italy is considered the Motherland of biscuits, where you can count infinite varieties. In our territory, cookies represent an extremely varied world made of traditions and artisanal wisdom; in fact, each cookie has its own story, often closely linked to the territory of which it is characteristic.

From lady kisses to cantucci, from friselline to almond paste and ugly but good to ricciarelli. In the Biscuits subcategory, you can find all this but much more. In fact, there are also regional peculiarities perhaps a little' less known but certainly not inferior in taste and quality but also products for vegan friends or even an organic selection.

In short, it is truly a wonderful world waiting to be discovered.


Almond, a legend: with the simplest ingredients, honey, sugar, egg white d&' eggs and almonds, Venetian pastry chefs have managed to create a truly unique dessert. The origins of almond are not known but the first documented reference to almond dates back to 1540 in a text by Lodovico Dolce.

However, it is extremely likely that it was already known and appreciated at the time of the Serenissima, of which Cologna Veneta, from 1406 to 1797, was an integral part; it is precisely here, in &' the Venetian hinterland, just 39 km south-east of the beautiful city of Verona and on the border with the province of Vicenza, is located Cologna Veneta, a small town home of excellence in the production of the best artisanal almond.

It is a glassy dessert that breaks only by exerting a lot of force. It is hard but at the same time crumbly and is traditionally eaten during the Christmas holidays but not only.

The production of almond milk follows a paragraph #39 to the letter; an ancient recipe that has centuries of history behind it and that is rooted in the traditions of the Veneto territory. The ingredients must be added in a well-defined order, honey, sugar, egg whites and almonds, which must then be mixed to be finally cooked at a constant temperature for eight hours.

The modern production of almond milk began only in 1852 with Italo Marani who founded the first factory where this product was industrially produced, which had characterized the artisanal production of the area since time immemorial.

Here in the almond subcategory you will find only the best quality almond, more precisely that of &' Bauce confectionery company in Cologna Veneta. E&' an almond with a unique flavor that melts gently in the mouth, becoming creamy and enveloping. The almonds used are roasted and come from Puglia or from the hills of Noto and Avola in Sicily.

Bauce has been producing it with its historic recipe since the 19th century and today it represents one of the best producers in Venetian Cologna. In 2014, it was also recognized as the best almond from Cologna Veneta with a dedicated review in the magazine Gambero Rosso.

As always, at Spaghetti and Mandolin, we offer you only the best on the market to give you a moment of gourmet tasting.


In the Pastry subcategory you will find a &' a very varied offer: a roundup of typical artisanal desserts from all over Italy. From puff pastry to pine cone, from dove to spongata, from meringues to sbrisolona. Then you will also find the famous panettone and l& #39

; equally famous Pandoro.

Starting your day with a pastry cookie or a quality dessert is definitely the best way to start with a smile. And we're here to help! The best desserts, typical Italian cookies and almond cookies are in fact suitable both for l&' daily home use but also to be purchased as gifts because there are no' it's nothing better than offering a gift made with the heart.

In fact, we at Spaghetti and Mandolino offer you only the best desserts, typical Italian cookies and almond nuts, offered only in refined packages and this is precisely why we have made a & #39 for you; a careful selection among the countless artisanal producers present on the national territory, to offer you only the best in terms of taste and quality.
What are you waiting for? A world of sweetness awaits you!