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Chocolate and Spreadable Creams

Chocolate and Spreadable Creams: history and information

A delicious tour of all our chocolate-based delicacies and spreadable creams. How can we not let ourselves be tempted in front of the best chocolate producers, even in an organic version? All excellent products created by professional artisans, small and large award-winning companies that have made high quality a true business philosophy to be pursued every day


How do we ship Chocolate and Spreadable Creams

Spaghetti & Mandolino has always been synonymous with quality: we are l&' the only e-commerce in Italy that guarantees excellent chocolate and spreadable creams and which, as such, deserve shipping and packaging according to standards that preserve L&' integrity and freshness of each product thanks to special freshness-saving packages


We all love to take a break from the daily routine to enjoy a delicious snack or a quick snack that can lift our spirits and give the energy to do our best. So what could be more suitable than a small piece of chocolate or a nice slice of toast to be enriched with an excellent spreadable cream?

Of course, choosing is not easy at all and this is precisely why we at Spaghetti, & Mandolino have made a selection just for you of the best chocolate and the best artisanal spreads to allow you to always buy only the best: strictly artisanal products, created thanks to the experience and passion of all Italian companies of excellence. You will find the inimitable chocolate of Modica but not only! The variety of products aims to satisfy the tastes and preferences of all palates, but it also allows you to always try something new.

Modica chocolate: Sicilian excellence

Among the wide variety of chocolate that we have selected for you, you will surely find the one that is most suitable for you. First of all, you will find the inimitable Modica chocolate, a product with a very particular texture, grainy and crumbly, and with an unmistakable flavor, and for this reason so characteristic, that it knows how to amaze from the first bite. One of the many excellences of wonderful Sicily, Modica chocolate has been linked to Sicilian traditions since time immemorial and is characterized by a particular processing that makes it completely different from other types of chocolate and therefore unique.

We are in Modica, a city that has been lying since time immemorial on a plateau where two small rivers merge that divide the plateau into four hills, and which come together to create the Modicano river, now covered for more than a century by the current Corso Umberto I, the main axis of the city and a crossroads of stories and traditions. In fact, it is precisely in Modica that the art of creating the chocolate of the same name develops.

The origins of Modica chocolate are actually uncertain and this is mainly due to the succession of different foreign dominations that Sicily underwent over the centuries. However, it is a common opinion that it was the Spanish who introduced this particular cocoa processing to Sicily during the 16th century because, at that time, the island was part of the possessions of the Spanish crown and specifically what at the time was the County of Modica, was one of the most important fiefdoms in all of southern Italy.

However, the recipe had been brought by the Spanish conquerors directly from the Americas, in particular collecting the recipes of the Aztec people who considered cocoa beans a real gift from the gods. The particular cold processing of this type of chocolate is very special: in the beginning it took place by hand and there were mainly four phases.

The compound obtained from the first three phases of processing, and this is the peculiarity, is then kept at a maximum temperature between 35 and 40 °C to prevent the sugar crystals contained in it from dissolving and thus remaining intact inside the dough; it is precisely these sugar crystals that give Modica chocolate its characteristic granularity and friability. The strength of Modica chocolate is therefore represented by the simplicity of its processing, characterized by the lack of sugar concession, both by the use of genuine ingredients or by the absence of foreign substances such as vegetable fats, milk or soy lecithin.

Spreadable creams

Our spreadable creams are truly incredible! These spreadable creams will gently enrich your day, as they are suitable for both an abundant and energetic breakfast and a delicious snack.

Today, unfortunately, we are all used to consuming spreadable creams for sale at large retailers, which are, however, quite another thing compared to the artisanal ones that we are able to offer you. Our artisanal spreadable creams are first of all handmade and above all using only the highest quality raw materials, an element that elevates their taste to a much higher level. What these spreadable creams know how to give you is in fact a real moment of intense gourmet tasting. Furthermore, a significant element is the fact that all our spreadable creams are palm oil free: you will therefore be sure to choose a healthy product without sacrificing taste and quality!

Only the best chocolate and only the best strictly selected dried fruit, purchased raw and toasted, are the ingredients that are used to produce these superlative spreadable creams. The quality of roasted hazelnuts from the Piedmontese Langhe, toasted almonds from Avola and pistachio, the green gold of Sicily worked with passion, experience and dedication. There is the most classic hazelnut cream but also many other variants with a more refined taste, perfect for those who love to try new things but also for refined palates such as, for example, pistachio, almond or salted caramel cream.


Dragées are small pastry pearls created by hand covering with chocolate a core usually consisting of dried fruits, candied fruits, but also coffee beans. The result is truly surprising: the creamy texture of the coating, produced using only the best quality white, milk or dark chocolate, blends harmoniously with the crunchiness and nuances of flavor provided by the best toasted dried fruit, the best artisanal candied fruits or, again, roasted coffee beans.

All the variants present will surely satisfy everyone's tastes, even those of the most refined palates. Dragées are perfect for any occasion: as a delicious sweet note at the end of a meal, as a snack or as a gift for friends. Our Dragees will surely surprise you from the first taste!


Cremini are essentially chocolates but defining them this way is actually an understatement. They are real little concentrates of taste and pleasure, created by hand mixing only the best raw materials: the best dried fruit and the best quality chocolate.

Our wide and complete choice of creams such as Piedmontese hazelnut, Bronte pistachio and Avola almond, simple or combined with whole toasted hazelnuts, candied orange or rum raisins and finally covered with the best dark or milk chocolate, will surely satisfy everyone's tastes, even the most demanding. Our creams are ideal to offer to your guests and friends but also perfect for making a small gift. They are a real concentrate of sweetness that will undoubtedly cheer up your days.