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The Soups Ready Right Away

The Soups Ready Right Away: history and information


the cold there is no' it's nothing better than a soup: hot, inviting, ready to &' used but prepared according to the canons of ancient recipes with the same passion that you could put into it! In this section you can find different soups ready to warm up your winter evenings. We at Spaghetti and Mandolino have selected the best quality fresh soups, you just need to find your favorite to have a tasty moment of relaxation in your home


How do we ship ready-made soups

In our online shop you will find refined and quality flavors and flavors for sale, such as those of &' Tuscan Acquacotta or Black Cabbage Soup. We guarantee you a standard packaging that preserves all the characteristics and properties of the product, and a fast shipment to allow you to have these flavors on the table in a very short time. So, what are you waiting for? Order your favorite soup, it will arrive at your home in no time and in perfect condition, as if it was just packaged


Warm, healthy and inviting, not c&' it's nothing better than a nice soup to warm up after a winter day spent away from home. Not only that: vegetables, as we know, are good for us, and preparing or buying delicious fresh soups is a &' a healthy habit that we should all have, especially if they are quality products.

Difference between soup, soup, minestrone and soup

Although in &' common usage sometimes there is confusion between these terms, and even if sometimes there are traditional dishes that do not respect these definitions, there are important differences in preparation between these four dishes.


Soup is a liquid but rather thick preparation, since very little liquid is used, all&' rice or pasta is never put into it. L&' the only thing that accompanies this dish is usually a nice portion of bread or croutons to soak in.
Very common, there are different variations depending on the origin, such as the French soupe à l'oignon or the French soupe de poisson, (discover the history and recipes of onion soup) or if we go to see in our territory, the Tuscan black cabbage soup and the classic vegetable or fava bean soups prepared in Calabria and



Soup, older than soup, owes its name to the verb 'soup', which described l&' action of the head of the family, whose task was to serve this dish on the table.

Cereals such as rice, spelt and barley are usually added to the very liquid base, always prepared with vegetables, but also special types of pasta. If in Lombardy there is often a tendency to consume soups with the addition of rice, in Veneto and Emilia Romagna the most used for this purpose are pasta and



The soup, relatively young since it has been prepared since the discovery of &' America, can be defined as a sort of middle ground between soup and soup. It may seem strange, but it was born during this period precisely because the products imported from the new continent, which later became fundamental ingredients, were particularly suitable for the preparation of this dish. For this reason, often and willingly, a good soup will contain potatoes, corn and beans, which will make it a nice rich and nutritious dish. Cereals or pasta are also added to many soups, so as to make them an even more complete meal



The process followed to prepare a sauce is the same as for fresh soups, with just one more step. When we have the base for a soup or a soup, avoiding adding pasta, legumes or cereals, we don't have to do anything other than blend everything. Even if daily d&' today quest&' operation is done in the blink of an eye, once vegetables were passed by hand, determining the density and consistency of the past based on the size of the meshes used to prepare

it. #39

Fresh soups: a dish not only in winter

In &' collective imagination, if we talk about fresh soups, the first thing that comes to mind is &' winter, the cold of the outside temperatures and the warmth of this invigorating meal. But a good soup, perhaps enjoyed more lukewarm than hot, can be a good alternative to the usual salad or to less healthy dishes. L&' important is to choose seasonal vegetables and use a little &' l&' imagination, a fresh soup can become your light, healthy and delicious summer meal. So why not enjoy a cream of red peppers or a zucchini and carrot cream soup during the hot season, and then return to savoring the classic fresh lentil, chickpea or onion soups to bring a little' of warmth on gray winter evenings?

The history of the soup

The term soup comes from the Gothic "suppa “, dating back to the 15th-16th century, which means “soaked slice”. This term has been associated with this dish because the slice referred to was the slice of stale bread that, deposited on the bottom of the plate, was the bed for the first soups. These were mainly based on chickpeas, lentils and beans and in a short time they also became very common. It is probably thanks to this spread that the word soup has a common root and is very similar in all European languages. The slices of bread used during the Middle Ages for the preparation of soups were the waste of nobles' meals, who used them as a kind of dish, and then donated them to the servants, who poured the vegetable mixture over them.
In any case, over the centuries, soup, certainly of popular origin, has gone from &' being an extremely simple dish reserved for the less well-off classes, to becoming a heartening, good and nutritious dish, a dish

that tastes like home.

In short, if you are a lover of fresh soups and you want to try to taste something truly genuine and authentic, try our products, they will surprise you!