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Seasonal Fruit and Citrus

Seasonal Fruit and Citrus: history and information

We have always dreamed of being able to go directly “to the farmer” to choose fresh seasonal fruit, and that's why, to search for producers, one of our selectors went to l&' Italy to look for the right “farmers”, those from whom you know that the fruit is exactly as you imagine it: fresh and freshly picked! Every day we try to include the best typical features of our territory, and not only those of great artisans, but also those of the land itself. In fact, the land of &' Italy produces every day, through the gardens and orchards of thousands of expert farmers, many fruits and citrus fruits protected by important denominations such as the PDO and the IGP. Just think of the PDO Ribera Oranges or the PGI Marrone del Mugello


How do we ship citrus fruits and seasonal fruits

Spaghetti & Mandolino has always been synonymous with quality: we are an e-commerce of typical Italian products that guarantees you the best fresh seasonal fruit and the best citrus fruits of excellence and, as such, deserve shipping and packaging in accordance with standards that preserve their properties and l&' integrity of every single product thanks to special freshness-saving packaging and packages.

Every day we try to introduce new products from our beloved land and from our beloved fruit trees. We try to ensure a rich sale of fresh fruit and citrus fruits from the best Italian gardens and orchards, and you can be sure: the quality of our products is not disputed because they are selected directly by our expert selector, and we know that it is absolutely fresh because as soon as picked it is immediately placed in freshness-saving sealed packages to be then shipped to the customer. You can then bring to the table the flavors of &' Italy that our fruit knows how to donate and all the tradition of the best farmers who have been cultivating their land, gardens and orchards for generations, pampering and taking care of every tree and fruit plant. L&' love is undoubtedly l&' extra ingredient that we want to bring to your table


The best fresh fruit directly to your home

Let's go and look for that particular fruit, the one that has a very precise geographical indication and that makes it absolutely characteristic. A real guarantee of origin, one might say. But not only that: it's a real guarantee of taste! Do we want to talk about the mythical Yellow Peaches of Pescantina or the Golden Apples of Valvenosta? Flavors that come only from those specific lands and from nowhere&' anywhere else. Don't miss out on all the taste of the best Italian fruit!

The best Italian citrus fruits for sale online

Citrus fruits, fruits that have made the Mediterranean diet unique in the world. Oranges and lemons that grow along the coasts of Italian seas and lakes and that give scent and taste to our shores, which every year become more and more destinations for tourists from all over the world. Shall we talk about Ribera Oranges DOP? They are oranges kissed by the Sicilian sun that bring to your table all the genuineness of the Mediterranean diet. As well as the Lemons of Marsala with which the legendary limoncino liqueur is made. Traditions that go hand in hand with taste


Fresh fruit and citrus fruits: organic selections

There are treasures among our fruit and citrus selections, and they are the products from organic farming. Dedicate yourself to those who love nature and the organic! Every producer has carefully grown every plant and tree, embracing the philosophy of organic not only as a business guideline, but as a philosophy of life, despite the higher production costs and the greater attention to be devoted to each cultivation


How good is it to eat fresh fruit in season

Vitamins. This word alone could be enough to underline how important fruit is to us: precisely because of its vitamin supply, essential every day. But fruit, and especially citrus fruits, is not only this: if eaten in adequate quantities, it can truly represent a pillar of our diet. L&' water intake, for example, is very important and facilitates l&' hydration of our body even in people who do not feel the urge to thirst. Then fruit also represents a lot of energy, but its contribution depends on the product and its seasonality. They range from &' watermelon, which gives a caloric intake equal to 16 kcal/100g, to chestnut, which instead gives 165 kcal/100g and 25.3 g of starch. If we look at exotic fruits, there are even higher caloric intakes, as for l&' avocado (231 kcal) and coconut (364 kcal). As far as fats are concerned, the amount is rather small and composed of unsaturated and polyunsaturated lipids. The amount of protein is quite irrelevant, however. Important, however, is l&' fiber intake, consisting of water-soluble polymers, which contributes to &' intestinal integrity. Fresh fruit has great antioxidant potential: the real shield against stress, against l&' aging, carcinogenesis and l&' atherogenesis.

However, it is important to know how to measure: fruit is sweet because it contains fructose, which is a natural sugar. The fact is that if you decide to replace the products of the &' confectionery industry with fresh fruit and citrus fruits, you sign a pivotal point of dietary correction, which is a key principle of the true Mediterranean diet. Sweet foods are available all year round, unlike fresh seasonal fruit, and this risks, through customary uses, becoming attached to a certain type of industrial product that only hurts us every time we assimilate it. #39 If sweets were replaced with seasonal fruit, we would bring only benefits to our body: we would increase l&' hydration, l&' intake of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, soluble dietary fiber, we would decrease simple sugars and overall calories by at least 500%, we would moderate the

insulin response and promote satiety.