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Coffee, Tea, Herbal Tea, Infusions and Sugar

Coffee, Tea, Herbal Tea, Infusions and Sugar: history and information

In this section you can find many solutions for a &' excellent breakfast or for an afternoon break enjoying excellent coffee, exotic fine tea or an infusion of good humor. All this is obviously sweetened by good brown sugar, perhaps whole wheat. Every day we strive to seek the best quality products from all over the world for our customers


Only quality Coffee, Tea, Infusions, Herbal Teas and Sugar

In our shop you will find quality coffee, tea, herbal teas, infusions and sugar for sale online. Sophisticated flavors and flavors such as that of Giamaica Santo Doce Coffee or Fusari Raw Green Coffee. Loose tea leaves from the farthest cultivations, infusions and herbal teas processed by the best Italian professionals in the sector. We always guarantee for you a standard packaging that preserves all the characteristics and properties of the product


There are tea people and coffee people. But what does the substantial difference between these two products consist of? Chemically, it's always caffeine, but the origin is different: theine is extracted from the leaves of the tea plant, while the caffeine we generally mean

is associated with coffee beans.

In addition to this, there is also another important difference: the quantitative level. A cup of tea usually contains about 30-40 mg of caffeine (2-3 minutes of infusion), while a cup of espresso can contain up to about 80 mg of caffeine. This is why, wrongly, theine is thought to be “lighter”

than caffeine.

Our coffee: varieties from all over the world

The coffee tree has more than 60 species, but there are 4 the most famous ones from which we drink everyday coffee: these are the Arabica, Robusta, Liberica and Excelsa varieties. When it comes to Arabica coffee, one might mistakenly think that this variety is cultivated only in Arab territories, instead it is cultivated in all tropical areas of the world. This is the most aromatic and least bitter variety of coffee. Robusta, on the other hand, suggests the right reference from its name: in fact, it is a very resistant plant that defends itself well against diseases and parasites and adapts to many climatic conditions. Compared to Arabica, Robusta coffee beans are rounder and richer in caffeine, which makes the coffee more bitter and intense. Liberica comes from Liberia, but it is also widespread in the Ivory Coast. Very resistant plant, with large, fragrant grains that are, however, considered to be of lower quality than the previous varieties. Excelsa is a relatively young variety, discovered in 1904. It is often used as a graft to promote the growth of other more delicate and valuable species


Fine teas, infusions, herbal teas

We have a selection of warm and nutritious drinks for your cup that will make you experience the real pleasure of drinking tea, the infusion of fruit and aromas or the relaxing herbal tea in the evening.
Our teas, for example, are highly prized varieties from all over the world. Green tea, black tea, white tea, Rooibos, Oolong: whatever your favorite truth is, we are convinced that you will find it here with us.
And then we have fruit infusions, herbal infusions and juices... the best infusions with a round and full taste. Do you already know the difference between infusion and herbal tea? Historically, herbal tea has always had a therapeutic purpose, with blends designed to be very pleasant to taste. The infusion, on the other hand, is created specifically to be a tasty drink. The fact is that it is undoubtedly herbal teas that are most used, precisely because of their nutritional values and their beneficial properties


Italian and organic sugar: our selection

Coffee and tea can also be drunk without it, but most people like it with a sweet lump of sugar. And how about accompanying the break with a good piece of cake? Sugar is the fundamental ingredient both for sweetening and for creating sweet creations. In addition, for those of you who want to bring healthy products to your table, we also have a selection of organic sugar and whole cane sugar, which is richer in vitamins and minerals than other types.