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Beppino Occelli: scopri i prodotti

In the world of cheese, the figure of Beppino Occelli represents an absolute avant-garde. His cheeses have created a real myth: many, in fact, wonder if it actually exists or if it is only a brand of butter or




It all started in the mid-70s, more precisely in 1976. Beppino was an employee and was looking for something new that could give him greater satisfaction from his routine work. It was not just an economic factor, but a passion that he had carried with him since he was a child. It is the passion for milk and all its derivatives. Giuseppe dreamed of giving meaning to that passion and he finally succeeded.
The start was not easy. It had no stables, no animals, no materials to make cheese. In the beginning it was all in his mind and in the few tools he kept at home. Was becoming a cheese maker in the Langhe really possible? In a land with so few recognizable cheeses, practically only the tuma delle Langhe. Beppino has always thought he wanted to produce cheeses that were, yes, an expression of his land, but also gourmet products that could contain other natural elements of the Langhe. Therefore, he gave the task of producing cheese to a series of women from his country. He did it to understand how they could understand the cheese to be placed on the table. Many experiments followed that defined the basis on which the brand's success is still based today



From the recipes of those women, cheeses such as Testun, Casutin, Tuma d'la Paja, Tuma del Trifulau, and so on were born. Its cellars in the village of Valcasotto, completely renovated by Beppino, contain hundreds of shapes that breathe the winds coming from the Maritime Alps, a favorable climate that for hundreds of years has offered these mountain lands the peculiarity of aging cheeses.
Beppino uses multiple types of wood for seasoning, woods that allow the production of different types of molds, white, pink, green, dark. All with typical natural aromas and fragrances that participate in the differentiation of the final products. Beppino Occelli can sometimes be found on the benches of the most important soccer events in Italy. One above all the Cheese in Bra.

She is an extraordinary person who, if you let her talk about cheese, enchants. He has given value to cheese and above all he has been able to reinterpret the ingredients of the territory by merging them into milk. His are white works of art and perhaps also for this reason they define him as the white knight of the Langhe. After cheese, Beppino's great frontier was the butter that marked with the edelweiss. A touch of class and simplicity that define his life, his peasant character and his brilliant mind as an entrepreneur in love with the land of the Langhe.