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Arrigoni Formaggi: scopri i prodotti

Arrigoni Formaggi is one of the most prestigious companies in the dairy sector, a complete reality both from the point of view of production structures and from that of the commercial organization.

Arrigoni: a combination of tradition and innovation

The story of the Arrigoni dairy is that of an entrepreneur originally from the Taleggio Valley, where he learned the secrets of cheese making milk in Taleggio and other typical cheeses, who in 1914 decided to start producing the same products in the Pagazzano cheese factory, in the center of the Lombard plain.

The history of this family imprints a stylistic code on its daily work, giving this company the sensitivity to pay attention to details that are otherwise insignificant.

For Arrigoni, which today is managed by the fourth generation, dedication to work, respect for tradition and the protection of the product are the essential foundation of business activity.

The story of Arrigoni is an exceptional story because it has been able to combine these principles with a great business challenge, capable of making use of the most modern production technologies while respecting the history of the territory.

The idea that through products you can protect your territory is the intuition that Arrigoni has bet on. Safeguarding the economy of a territory means preserving the vitality of a place by enhancing its contents.

For Arrigoni, tradition is the principle, progress is the vocation. Because the protection of tradition must go hand in hand with the difficult task of doing business as a leader in the sector.

Arrigoni: controlled and certified quality cheeses

The highly articulated structure has allowed Arrigoni to become a leading player in the Italian dairy industry, confirming itself as a leader in the Taleggio market and assuming a reference role both in the production of traditional cheeses such as Gorgonzola, Crescenza and Quartirolo Lombardo, and in innovation and product research.

The strength that has allowed us to achieve these results over time is undoubtedly the use of a complete supply chain: from raw material to finished product, from land and farms to packaging and sales strategies.

In this way, the best tools have been created to be able to directly control all the economic factors, but above all qualitative, of the productions, convinced that the integrated supply chain may be able to add value to the product. Research is a very important topic for Arrigoni. Over the years, highly successful projects have been carried out around it.

Continuous research on the product to improve its characteristics and create flavors closer to the consumer's needs is accompanied by research in the packaging, in the image and in the service offered to the customer.

The quality of the productions, processes and work environments complies with the most selective and demanding international standards. The continuous monitoring activities are coordinated by qualified internal personnel and supported by the scientific findings of the company's analysis laboratory and those of selected and accredited external laboratories.

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