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Tortelloni ricotta and spinach 250g
Pastificio Temporin
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Truffle dumplings 250g
Pastificio Temporin
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Stuffed pasta: history and information

A soft and tasty heart combined with the goodness of pasta: fresh stuffed pasta is an excellent solution for those looking for pasta that is quick to cook and prepare, without sacrificing taste. There are many types of stuffed pasta, ranging from cappelletti and tortellini to ravioli and ravioloni; each with a different shape and size, to satisfy the needs and palates of everyone, both adults and children. Take a look at our stuffed pasta proposals below, only the best quality 100% Italian products


Stuffed tortellini: one of the best known stuffed pasta in the world

The tasty filling, together with the nice compact shape, has made tortellini one of the most famous first courses on the international gastronomic scene. The first traces of this Emilian specialty date back to a twelfth-century scroll, together with a bull by Pope Alexander III, always in the same century. Stuffed tortellini were at that time served in broth at Christmas time, or for holidays and special occasions. Born as an expedient to recycle meat left over from the nobles' table, today there are many varieties of filling and tortellini recipes, a symbol of how much this dish is appreciated in every part of

the world.

The classic filling of tortellini is a mixture of pork loin, mortadella, raw ham and Parmigiano Reggiano. Some recent reinterpretations have instead combined tortellini with mushrooms and rabbit in vegetable broth, or with chard and parmesan biscuit with lemon scent


I tortellini ripieni: una delle paste ripiene più conosciute al mondo

Tortelloni are also a larger version of tortellino, generally with a lean filling. We recommend our tortelloni stuffed with ricotta and spinach, in a convenient

250 g format!

Stuffed dumplings with truffles: how to season this stuffed pasta

Our truffle dumplings have a delicious filling full of flavors.

To enhance this delicious first course, here are some suggestions to complete your recipe!

As a dressing for your truffle dumplings you could use a cream of Parmigiano Reggiano: truffle and Parmigiano make an excellent couple, since the cheese can wrap around the truffle, enhancing its flavor and texture. Oil, pepper and Parmesan cheese is a possible simple but effective combination; their simplicity will accompany the tasty filling, enhancing it even more. Another option might be truffle and nut pesto. A white pesto with references to truffles and mushrooms goes very well with the special taste of truffles


Don't forget the classic butter and sage, a typical condiment for stuffed pasta. Together with them, you can add toasted hazelnut crumbs, thus giving the dish a crunch, together with a small note of sweetness. Finally, another valid option is truffle on truffle: you can enrich the filling, for example, with a grated

fresh truffle.