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Alpa: scopri i prodotti

L&' Alpa company is a small but thriving reality located at the foot of the small Sila, in Calabria, specialized in the processing and transformation of one of the most typical fruits of the territory: chestnuts. The company was founded in 1996, after the consolidation of &' the fruit marketing activity, started by the Gualtieri family in 1960.

Over the years, the company has grown a lot and has progressively expanded its range of products, producing numerous jams, creams and preserves of the highest quality. #39 However, the philosophy has remained the same as always: to enhance the raw material, producing excellent products, which reflect the Italian tradition but that at the same time add a touch of novelty.

The production, equal to about 5000 quintals per &' year, is carried out in an artisanal way at the plant in Rogliano (CS), structured in three separate departments that operate according to regulations designed to maximize the naturalness of the product and food safety. The craftsmanship preserves the quality and properties of the selected raw materials. Only the best Italian seasonal fruits are those used to offer excellent, genuine and natural products, preserving the quality of strictly fresh fruit, without the use of preservatives and dyes.

Alpa: authentic by nature

The manufacturing process, although it involves l&' use of modern equipment, is artisanal and no preservatives and/or dyes are allowed, but only quality fresh seasonal fruit. L&' combination of particular flavors and L&' use of a modern and refined pack, finally make the products in the range unique and refined, not only in flavor but also in &' appearance. In fact, Alpa creates products suitable for every need that are a joy for the palate and an enchantment for the eyes.

More than 70% of the production is organic.