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The Best Crustaceans

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The Best Crustaceans: history and information

Crustaceans are a delicious and exquisite dish, ideal to be enjoyed in many recipes. At Spaghetti&Mandolino we care about quality, which is why we have created a selection of crustaceans just for you. These products, such as shrimp tails, are created exclusively with first-class fish, to always guarantee a unique and high-quality taste.
All our manufacturers, selected by our best experts, are able to meet our needs to the fullest, guaranteeing very high standards.

How do we ship Crustaceans

Spaghetti & Mandolino has always been synonymous with quality: we are the only e-commerce in Italy that guarantees certified crustaceans of excellence for sale online and, as such, they deserve shipping and packaging in accordance with standards that preserve the integrity and organoleptic characteristics of these products.

We at Spaghetti & Mandolino love quality, which is why we have selected first-class products to guarantee you the best. The crustaceans that we offer you in our e-commerce are carefully selected by our experts.

What are crustaceans

Crustaceans live in fresh or salt water, they have a carapace and about ten legs. They are delicious to taste and can be the main ingredients of many recipes. There are many varieties of crustaceans: let's see together what types exist.
Shrimps are the most common crustaceans in the world, ideal for creating seafood risotto, salad and sandwiches. Shrimp, related to shrimp and lobster, can be white, pink, or gray and are great for creating grilled fish.

Even shrimp can have various colors such as dark red or pink with a purple tendency. They can be enjoyed raw or they can be slightly cooked.
Shrimps, also known as imperial shrimp or Mediterranean shrimp, are larger, in fact they reach about 20 centimeters in length and have a pink-gray color. Shrimps are not only seafood, they can also be river crayfish and are very popular.

The langoustines, on the other hand, are of European origin and are fished in the Adriatic Sea and then exported all over the world. The claws are the secret of these crustaceans because lobsters, shrimps and prawns do not have them.

Large crustaceans

Crustaceans can also be large, such as lobsters and lobsters, to be served strictly whole. The lobster, unlike the lobster, has no claws and is a lively red-brown color, with two very long antennae.
The canocchia, on the other hand, is a very particular crustacean, since apparently it is very possible to confuse the head with the tail because at the lower end it has two dark spots that can be mistaken for eyes.
Canocchia has a very rich and tasty pulp, ideal for creating salads, fish-based sauces or even tartar.

Even hermit crabs can be tasted because they are nothing more than small, soft-bellied crabs that take refuge in shells abandoned by mollusks.

In our selection you will also find crab meat for sale online, one of the most popular fish specialties. With this ready-to-taste pulp, you can create many unique and delicious recipes.

Recipes with crustaceans

The recipes with crustaceans are truly endless because these fish are very versatile. Starting from appetizers, it is possible to create selections of raw seafood, served with croutons and delicate sauces with a good glass of wine, ideal for starting a dinner in the best possible way.
Speaking of pasta dishes, we can then focus on the preparation of risotto based on prawns, prawns and crab meat, a perfect mix to create a creamy risotto with an irresistible seafood flavor.
Finally, we can talk about second courses based on crustaceans. One of the most complete dishes is precisely grilled fish, with shrimp, shrimp, shrimp tails, lobsters and many other fish depending on personal taste.

Crustaceans for sale online

On our Spaghetti & Mandolino website you will find crustaceans for sale online, the perfect ingredients for your fish-based menu. Discover our selection of crustaceans for sale online to create unique dishes directly at your home


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