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Berlucchi, Franciacorta with a bouquet of history and tradition

When we savor Franciacorta, we savor the richness of a tradition that dates back to &' 8th century A.D., when the &' women's abbey of Santa Giulia in Brescia produced the best wine of the Benedictine community.

The bubbles themselves have their origins in the 13th century, with fine effervescent white wines intended for the most demanding palates.

L&' Start of a revolutionary challenge

Berlucchi's journey into the world of sparkling wine begins with a bold proposal by Franco Ziliani, a visionary oenologist.

In 1961, he joined forces with the nobleman Guido Berlucchi and his friend Giorgio Lanciani to create the first Pinot di Franciacorta.


After some initial challenges, in 1962, three thousand bottles were uncorked, revealing an extraordinary success.

Un&' company driven by passion and creativity

L&' the uniqueness of a Franciacorta reflects L&' the eclecticism of Franco Ziliani, a key figure who changed the destiny of the region.

Today, Ziliani's three children, Cristina, Arturo and Paolo, carry on the &' legacy, launching innovative lines such as &' 61, Berlucchi &' 61 Nature and Palazzo Lana Riserva.

Palazzo Lana: a historic building steeped in tradition

Palazzo Lana, with its Caminadù room, is the place where it all began.

Built in the 16th century and enriched in the 17th century, the palace is an architectural treasure that houses d& #39 works; unique art.

Its ancient walls tell stories of encounters, passions and innovations, creating a &' atmosphere that can still be felt today during cultural events and guided tours.

Berlucchi vineyards: certified quality and sustainability

Vineyards certified organic since 2016 represent l&' excellence in Franciacortina viticulture.

The production philosophy is based on interconnected principles of quality and sustainability.

The vineyards, analyzed with innovative projects such as Mille1Vigna, stand out for their uniqueness.

Soil biodiversity, confirmed by Biopass analysis, testifies to &' commitment to soil health.

Franciacorta: a unique and historic land

The territory of Franciacorta is a unique mix of natural qualities and mastery handed down for centuries.

The hills chosen by the ancestors of the Berlucchi family in &' 8th century for the cultivation of vines offer moraine soil, a mild microclimate from lake d&' Iseo and cool breezes from Val Camonica.

These unique conditions create the ideal environment for the cultivation of vines.

The Name 'Franciacorta'

The word 'Franciacorta' tells a medieval story, when the lands north of lake d&' Iseo were 'francae curtes', free from duty thanks to &' the work of reclaiming Cluniac monks.

This name is a tribute to the freedom and rich history of this territory.

Berlucchi, with his mastery and passion, continues to offer not only extraordinary wines but also a &' authentic Italian culinary experience.

Every sip is a journey through the centuries, a celebration of tradition and innovation that makes Berlucchi a &' Italian excellence in the world of wine.

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