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Our Products in Oil and Pickled Vinegar

Since, in the culinary field, the first impression is always the one that counts, what better way to introduce the main courses of a lavish meal than with a tasty and imaginative appetizer? Enjoying this delicious first course is not laborious at all, all you need is a pinch of imagination and the right ingredients to bring something simple and genuine but at the same time rich in taste to the table without any effort. Thanks to our range of artisanal products in oil and pickle, you can garnish cheese or cold cuts platters or embellish bruschetta or toasted slices of bread.

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In oil and in vinegar


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Capucines capers in brine 190g
Nasonte Condimenti Siciliani
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Peasant style Champignon mushrooms 280g
Nasonte Condimenti Siciliani
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Capers with sea salt 200g
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Dried Sicilian tomatoes 250g
Nasonte Condimenti Siciliani
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Sicilian Caponata 280g
Antica Bottega Siciliana
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Taggiasca olives in brine 240g
Antico Frantoio di Saguato
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Taggiasca Black Olive Paste 180g
Antico Frantoio di Saguato
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Giardiniera bittersweet 300g
Corrado Benedetti
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Caramelized Borettane onions 230g
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Dried black olives 200g - Il Bottaccio
Il Bottaccio
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The Gardener Lady 320g
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Violet Artichoke Hearts 190g
Frantoi Cutrera
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Our Products in Oil and Pickled Vinegar: history and information

How do we ship pickle and pickle

Spaghetti & Mandolino is synonymous with quality and professionalism: in fact, we guarantee you a standard packaging that preserves all the characteristics and organoleptic properties of the product, and a shipment that allows you to bring these extraordinary flavors to your table in comfort.

Enjoying delicious appetizers is not complicated at all thanks to the products in oil and pickles that we at Spaghetti & mandolino offer you to season your table in a simple and genuine way but with that extra touch of taste different from the usual. Thanks to the rich Italian tradition, there are many types of products available in oil and pickle. Furthermore, there are very different preparations for which they are used: very different colors, flavors and textures that undoubtedly know how to whet the' appetite and satisfy everyone's tastes.

The choice is vast, therefore suitable to satisfy everyone's tastes. Here you will find only the best pickles and pickles that our suppliers produce with experience and love. The organic selection is also very wide, whose two artisanal producers, our spearheads, are Redoro and Frantoi Cutera. Only the best pickles and pickles for a &' truly unforgettable taste experience.

Aubergines in oil

Sottolio Aubergines are produced using eggplant of the violet variety which has the characteristic of having a more compact pulp, therefore ideal for maintaining a certain crunch even after being placed in jars with l&' BIO Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A characterful yet delicate taste that will surely captivate you for its simplicity. Sottolio Aubergines come from the Sicilian and Campania countryside and are really excellent for seasoning street food-style sandwiches with sausage and hot sauce or to accompany particularly tasty cold cuts and cheeses, perhaps during an aperitif with friends.

Black olives in oil

The Sottolio Black Olives are produced using only the best Tuscan black olives of the Lecino and Moraiolo cultivars and prepared keeping the stone inside them. Sottolio Black Olives are an extraordinary product that is characterized by a truly excellent flavor, with a hint of bitterness that goes perfectly with aperitifs with appetizers based on cold cuts and cheeses. They are also ideal for bringing something quick but refined and tasty to the table in the event of a &' emergency caused by the arrival of unexpected guests.

Dried tomatoes in oil

Dried Tomatoes in Oil are produced with the best tomatoes coming only from organic farming that are partially dried and then placed in the jar with l&' BIO Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Dried Tomatoes in oil are a very tasty product typical of the culinary tradition of southern Italy, especially in Calabria and Sicily. A real treat for true connoisseurs who love refined flavors and that is really perfect to enrich an aperitif or to make a really special appetizer. Dried Tomatoes in oil are also excellent for cooking various dishes, often sauces, typical of the tradition of &' southern Italy, such as Capuliata, a typical Sicilian condiment.

Artichoke hearts in oil

Artichoke hearts in oil are obtained using violet artichoke of the Niscemi type, an ancient town in the province of Caltanissetta. It is a product with a very soft flower head ideal for storage under &' oil. In fact, it remains crunchy but at the same time particularly pleasant on the palate and soft. The heart of the artichoke is placed in &' Extra Virgin Olive Oil, thus creating a delicate product that is at the same time rich in flavor. Artichoke Hearts in Oil are l&' ideal for garnishing toasted croutons passed with l&' garlic or to accompany seafood crudités. They are also excellent for vegetable salads and for pasta dishes with artichokes, olives, basil and fresh cherry tomatoes. Finally, the Stained Artichoke Hearts are to be tried with a capricious quality pizza or to be combined with good cooked Parma ham.

Peppers in oil

Peppers in oil are a &' a really great alternative to make your appetizer or aperitif something really special. The best yellow and red peppers from the countryside of the lower Verona area are cut and washed and then placed directly in contact with an extraordinary ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Peppers in oil are ideal for enriching succulent appetizers but above all they go perfectly with dry baked goods and delicate and creamy cheeses. They are also particularly suitable to accompany the best traditional Italian cold cuts and in particular salami, soppressa and copa.

Dried cherry tomato in oil

The Dried Cherry Tomato in oil is a real treat to bring to the table. Cherry Tomato is perhaps one of the most typical food excellences in Sicily. This particular variety of tomato is characterized by an important sugar content that makes it perfect both to be eaten alone or in sauce but also slightly dried and put in oil, in a strictly extra virgin olive oil. Being particularly sweet, the Cherry Tomato in Oil is suitable for garnishing toasted Tuscan bread croutons or altamura-type bread. It's also really great to put on pizza or mash. It will be surprising l&' combination with raw seafood, shrimp or grilled octopus. Dried Cherry Tomato in Oil is also perfect to accompany fresh goat cheese or creamy cow's cheese.

Gardener in oil

On the

other hand, for those who like to savor a mix of the best vegetables in oil, the Giardiniera Sottolio is truly l&' ideal. Prepared with the best quality vegetables and with extreme skill, this extraordinary product is presented here in two variants, one organic and one not. The non-organic gardener in oil is also available in two different formats, namely 350g and 500g. It's truly a &' an excellent choice to enrich your aperitif with a touch of color and a little' imaginative but also to bring a quick but tasty appetizer to the table. A very simple dish that has very ancient origins, in the Middle Ages to be precise, and that is up to date d&' today widespread throughout Italy.

Gardener in sweet and sour pickle

On the

other hand, a valid alternative for those who love variety and strong flavors is the Pickled Bittersweet Gardener. To make this Sweet and Sour Pickled Gardener, the vegetables are cooked separately in white vinegar and wine and then covered with extra virgin olive oil, so that they remain light and tasty. If you are looking for a healthy, genuine appetizer that will make you lick your moustache, this is the product for you. A product of rural tradition, Giardiniera has been widespread in central Italy since the Middle Ages and is an extremely tasty product, also excellent as a fantastic side dish.

We at Spaghetti & mandolino offer you all this but much more. Only the best products in oil and pickle from the best artisanal companies operating on the national territory. What are you waiting for?