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Spaghetti Gift Card & Mandolin

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Spaghetti Gift Card & Mandolin: history and information

Spaghetti&Mandolino gift cards are the perfect gift to avoid the anxiety of racing to the last gift you can never find!

From Monday to Friday, during business hours, as soon as you receive confirmation of payment of the gift card, you will receive an email with the coupon code of the value corresponding to that of the gift card and with all the instructions necessary for use. All you have to do is print this email or forward it to the recipient of your gift and that's it!
Each coupon can be used only once on all the products on Spaghetti&Mandolino and will be valid for six months from the day of issue.

The Spaghetti&Mandolino gift cards are an original idea to amaze with a gift that never fades. Why opt for the usual basket, which for goodness sake is still generally always appreciated, when with our gift card you can give someone the opportunity to build their own personalized basket?

Gift cards: why choose them

Gift cards are the wild card, the perfect choice to make a thought let's call it interactive. In fact, gift cards for sale online are nothing more than a prepaid card that will allow the recipient of your gift to buy their favorite products on Spaghetti&Mandolino.

Whether it's wine, or whether they are cold cuts, cheeses, pasta, sauces, desserts or baked goods, it doesn't matter: the online voucher purchase will allow the birthday person to buy what they prefer most.

A prepaid card that we at Spaghetti&Mandolino offer you for sale online to resolve the situation: buying vouchers online solves all your problems because it offers you on a silver platter the perfect gift for those who love to bring only the excellence of the territory to the table.

Gift cards: which to choose

Gift cards are convenient and versatile because, thanks to their five different sizes (25, 50, 75, 100 and 150€), they allow you to choose the solution that's right for you, the prepaid card that best suits the recipient of your gift.

Prepaid card for sale online from 25€: with this gift card you can address someone who is not used to the world of the Typical but who perhaps loves to try new flavors and who appreciates quality. We could say that this, among the gift cards, is the perfect one to introduce into the magical world of the food and wine excellence of our beautiful country.

Prepaid card for sale online from 50€: this gift card is absolutely ideal for giving a brief but intense preview of what Italy wants to transmit at the table or in the glass. Choosing carefully is essential and our advice is to opt for a mini tasting of the same product, such as pasta produced using different grains or the same cured meat produced in different variations, from classic to gourmet, perhaps refined in an excellent wine. The choice is yours!

75€ prepaid card for sale online: this gift card is the middle ground because it allows you to go on a tasty “weekend”. A short but intense vacation, perfect for escaping the routine of everyday life, even at the table. The purchase of this prepaid card will be enough to give that touch of panache that will embellish what you bring to the table.

Prepaid card for sale online for 100€: this, among the gift cards, gives the opportunity to bring to the table a complete selection of products that will surely make a lunch or dinner something truly unforgettable! From appetizer to dessert, with this Spaghetti&Mandolino gift card you will satisfy even the most refined palates.

Prepaid card for sale online from 150€: we are talking about the top of the range, the gift card with the highest value! With this prepaid card, the recipient of your gift will be able to take a rich and detailed journey through the best specialties that the whole of Italy can offer. Wine, cheese, pasta, cold cuts and much more can enrich and cheer up the meals of those who will use them, bringing to their table some of that poetry that inspired us to create Spaghetti&Mandolino!

What are you waiting for? Gift cards for sale online are always available and are perfect for any occasion. Try them now!