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The Valle delle Ferle Estate is located a few kilometers from Caltagirone, within the Cerasuolo di Vittoria Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin area. This is where his wine is born: more than forty years ago, the estate's Nero d'Avola and frappato vineyards were planted.
Planted in 1974, the vineyards of Tenuta Valle delle Ferle, now undergoing biological conversion, extend for about 10 hectares and their age constitutes an element of superior quality, thanks to the greater ability to express the characteristics of the territory in structure and aroma.

A value that is added to the environmental qualities, given by the soil and climatic characteristics of the territory in which the company is located, ideal for the cultivation of vines: the temperature changes accentuated in the different seasons and between night and day, the strong ventilation, l&' exposure of the vines and the climate, usually dry during the ripening period of the vines.

The winery, then modern but steeped in tradition, is an ancient millstone, accessible through an avenue surrounded by olive trees first and then by rows of vineyards, and is equipped with all the most modern equipment and technologies

for vinification.

Tenuta Valle delle Ferle: a tale of history, art and Sicilian tradition

The Estate is, in short, a dream come true for two young Sicilian entrepreneurs who wanted to tell the story, art and tradition of their land through wine. A wine that is a living and full expression of a territory, able to transmit its emotions through a simple taste.

Valle delle Ferle is the result of a growth path marked by a deep passion, respect for the soil, for the vine and for its natural cycle, with a &' attention that has allowed the company to start the process of conversion to the organic regime.
A meeting point for wine and nature lovers, the Estate is almost a timeless place, where it is also possible to stay in an old farmhouse surrounded by vineyards, to experience direct contact with the truest and most authentic Sicily