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Ermenegildo Giusti tells an extraordinary life story. A testimony of love and fervor for their land, Montello, in the Treviso hills of Prosecco. After two generations of emigration to Canada, Ermenegildo managed to create a real estate empire on the American West Coast and in 2004 he decided to return to his beloved Nervesa della Battaglia. He finds it a bit smaller compared to when the family leaves. This is why he decided to invest in that territory and resume the family's winemaking tradition. In fact, both the father and the mother were vineyard owners and producers of Prosecco already at the beginning of the century. The project covers a hundred hectares, on the most beautiful hilly lands of Montello.

Giusti Wine, a union between wine, history and the beauty of the territory.

L&' love for this land made him restore &' ancient Benedictine Abbey of Nervesa della Battaglia and the solitary and silent Hermitage of San Girolamo. Vineyards and olive trees embrace &' an ancient property, a rural village from the beginning of &' 800, which still retains all the charm of Venetian farmhouses. Ermenegildo is a volcano! In addition to wine and &' art loves to make people feel Italian and the pleasantness of &' hospitality. In his wine c&' it is all the tradition of a territory that never remains on the margins but, on the contrary, always emerges with great personality