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Cooperativa Agordino Latteria di Vallata: scopri i prodotti

We are in the Venetian Dolomites between the town of Agordo and Falcade. These are enchanted mountains that flow to the Friulian Carnia in the east. Lands of sublime pastures due to the presence of numerous species of flowers and aromatic herbs that revive the green of the coasts and plateaus with their colors in the months of June.

Cooperativa Agordino Latteria di Vallata: typical local products

About twenty milk production companies have come together and contribute to this dairy where the highest quality cheeses are produced, mostly only in summer.

We have chosen to include one of their most characteristic products such as Binatega cheese which, thanks to milk coming exclusively from pastures, has a particularly yellow color and a hard texture that makes it ideal for grating.

Great for tanning yellow polenta