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Caseificio degli Altipiani e del Vezzena: scopri i prodotti

We are located in one of the southernmost areas of Trentino Alto Adige on the border with Veneto. Green and unspoiled valleys with flowery pastures that offer the highest quality milk. Folgaria and Lavarone are two places also renowned for their beneficial properties of water and of &' healthy air.

A cheese factory: a huge Vezzena

The merger of the two cheese factories of Folgaria and Lavarone has given birth to this cheese factory where the king is certainly Vezzena, a hard cheese, with a yellow color rich in beta-carotene, a distinctive element brought by the flowers in the milk. On Spaghetti&Mandolino we gave preference to the three-year-old. A rarity, a complex product, rich in scents and aromas. One of the greatest Italian hard cheeses. Bruna Alpina and Grigio Alpina cows for a slightly spicy cheese that is also ideal for grating