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Il Mulino di Gragnano: scopri i prodotti


Gragnano Mill was born from &' a meeting of five young people who, after meeting at the Parish of San Leone in Gragnano, decided to bet on one of the key products of their city: Gragnano pasta.

Initially, the project of Alfredo, Luigi and Agostino was to enhance the role of pasta through multiple events, while Francesca and Raffaele began working in this sector during the period of &' university. The five boys decided to start their project on October 2, 2015, supported by the families of Raffaele and Francesca and the “Community of the San Leone Parish”, better dealing with the problems and difficulties that occurred in the beginning.


Their philosophy is to carry on tradition by innovating it, using the best products and the most avant-garde production techniques. #39 This involves a slower production process which, on the other hand, guarantees the quality of the product.
The proposed pasta formats are produced only with selected raw materials. Durum wheat semolina comes from top quality Italian wheat from the hills of southern Italy, cultivated without l&' use of chemicals and pesticides. In fact, Il Mulino di Gragnano has succeeded in creating and certifying its own short supply chain of 100% Puglia wheat grown, harvested and milled exclusively for its own production.


Durum wheat semolina is mixed with pure spring water from the Valle dei Mulini di Gragnano, characterized by the very low amount of limestone, giving the pasta an inimitable flavor.

L&' dough is then carefully processed to form a homogeneous and elastic dough that, after being thoroughly checked, then passes through special bronze dies, making the pasta wrinkled in all its shapes, an indispensable feature to enhance the flavors of the sauce and condiments.

L&' drying takes place with natural methods, is slow and takes place at very low temperatures that are around 28 and 35 degrees, recalling the ancient traditions of Gragnano.
In Gragnano, it was “o&' spannatore” who had the task of rolling the pasta in the reeds and placing it lying out in the sun or in &' open air. This is a very delicate step because the pasta is hygroscopic and extremely sensitive to the climate.
The Il Mulino di Gragnano pasta factory, in compliance with this, uses the “Cirillo” method, which involves a &' optimal drying thanks to the reproduction of a special microclimate, obtained by periodically checking humidity values and environmental reference parameters, at a temperature between 28 and 35 degrees for about 30/40 hours.

At the end of &' drying, the pasta is guaranteed an additional time of 3-4 hours to stabilize at room temperature and then be packaged strictly by hand in special freshness-saving cubic cardboard packaging, unique in their kind and a factory patent of the Pastificio Il Mulino Di



Il Mulino di Gragnano offers a selection of pasta in the most classic formats: paccheri, half-paccheri, calamarata, pennoni rigati, fusilloni, striped lumaconi, half-sleeve striped, short mafaldine, long mafaldine, spaghetti, wolf's eyes, linguine, fusilletti al ferretto, scialatielli, ziti lisci e rigati and many others, preferring the oldest formats of the Gragnanese