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ChocoHouse: scopri i prodotti

The ChocoHouse laboratory is located in Ragusa, in the heart of south-eastern Sicily, a magical territory where ancient suggestions and traditions take shape. A territory, the Hyblean one, where art, culture, nature, history and good food come together, creating a privileged space where creativity and tradition have given way to the work of the ChocoHouse artisanal laboratory.

It is precisely in this place that the best Sicilian chocolate comes to life, prepared strictly by hand following the recipes of the oldest and most homegrown Sicilian chocolate tradition, highly appreciated all over the world. Exploring the south-east of Sicily means, among other things, immersing yourself in the most authentic Sicilian chocolate tradition and this is precisely what ChocoHouse wants to offer to those who choose to buy their chocolate, that is, to live the &' 360° chocolate experience.

ChocoHouse: where sweetness is at home

ChocoHouse chocolate is the real Sicilian chocolate, a symbol that wants to convey a lot to those who taste it. L&' the very idea of an artisanal workshop that ChocoHouse carries out wants to reflect the face of an entire community, that of the workshop artisans of a time that now seems so distant, recalling the atmosphere of neighborhood and harmony typical of the villages of Sicily of the past.

Dialogue and sharing are the keywords that guide ChocoHouse's work: telling a story that reveals what c&' it's behind what might seem trivial chocolate bar. L&' tasting a chocolate bar by ChocoHouse is in fact a real journey of taste that, if approached with awareness, will lead you to the discovery of the history of cocoa, from harvest to its processing, which gives life to real masterpieces of sweetness.

Because at ChocoHouse, sweetness is at home!

ChocoHouse Sicilian chocolate

ChocoHouse chocolate is a complete sensory experience that wants to represent its territory of origin, but which also has a story to tell, a story of traditions, community and genuineness. In fact, to produce its Sicilian chocolate, ChocoHouse uses only noble ingredients that, thanks to the sweet skill of the master chocolatiers, know how to create the best traditional Sicilian chocolate, appreciated for its refined creaminess.

But what is l&' secret ingredient? We'll reveal it to you right away: ChocoHouse's passion for chocolate and l&' love for their land!

ChocoHouse: a chocolate bar for everyone

Buying a bar of Sicilian chocolate from ChocoHouse you will feel a bit' like little Charlie when he discovered that he had found the golden ticket to enter Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. A &' truly unique and unrepeatable experience! ChocoHouse is located in the alleys of the historic center of Ragusa Ibla where baroque poetically meets the surrounding nature. Where history is manifested in the shapes and colors of art, which c&' is it better if you don't enjoy a cup of steaming chocolate or a chocolate cube?

On Spaghetti&Mandolino you will find 10 ChocoHouse chocolate bars. Ten different flavors to suit everyone's taste. Only one fixed point: all the bars, except one, are strictly made of dark chocolate, the real and unique inimitable one made in Sicily.

Discover the tablets flavored with vanilla, cinnamon, chilli pepper, all&' orange, lemon and pistachio. Then let yourself be pampered by the classicism of dark chocolate at &' 80% and let yourself be tempted by the refinement of 70 or 75% Chuao chocolate, but also and above all by white chocolate with pistachio