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Palmento Costanzo: scopri i prodotti

L&' Azienda Vitivinicola Palmento Costanzo is a Sicilian winery whose land falls within the Etna Park, demonstrating how these lands can give unique scents and colors. And, in fact, the Palmento Costanzo wines seem to be a balanced mix of the richness of the territory and the immense love for the winemaking tradition. And it is precisely on the Etna territory that the Costanzo family in 2010 undertook their project to recover the territorial viticultural heritage, restoring the terraced vineyards of poignant beauty and an ancient millstone to be used as a cellar.

Palmento Costanzo: a pearl set on the lavas of & #39

; Etna

L&' Palmento Costanzo company has been able to find the right meeting point between tradition and quality. The wine produced is the great expression of the potential of the Etna territory, whose climatic and morphological peculiarities make it possible to obtain fruits rich in aromas and nuances. A magical environment of earth, water, air and fire, make this territory a treasure chest of extraordinary biodiversity, unique in the world, fertile and particularly suitable for agriculture and the cultivation of vines.
To steal new fertile land from the volcano, over the centuries, man has created typical Etna terraces, lava stones combined with dry that create a unique landscape. The vitivinicultural territory is identified as Contrade, geographical areas that differ from each other in terms of microclimate, organic soil, exposure to the sun and the winds.
Il Palmento is located in Contrada Santo Spirito, on the northern side of Etna, and was created by the will of the Costanzo family to recover the ancient building and cellar dating back to the mid-18th century.

The Palmento Costanzo is the only Etna building that can claim to have carried out the entire vinification process, which takes place thanks to an excellent combination of modern vinification systems and tradition, so much so that in the barrel, next to tonneaux and large French oak barrels, the original egg barrels dominate, the only ones able to emphasize the natural micro-oxygenation of the wine.
The vineyards are located on the northern side of Etna, between 650 and 780 meters above sea level, and it is here that about ten hectares are cultivated organically arranged on centuries-old terraces. The soils of the district, recognized as the main area of the Etna DOC, are rich in organic and mineral substances and very nutritious brown volcanic sand


Palmento Costanzo wines: the nectar of & #39

; Etna

L&' the entire process of harvesting and vinification is the result of the latest technologies and ancient traditions. The months of September and October could be summarized as follows: hand-picked bunches, maceration, fermentation and aging of the grapes, all against the background of environmentally sustainable viticulture with the utmost respect for &' environment, plants and soil biodiversity.

Hard work and sound principles: this meticulous and responsible processing by Palmento Costanzo gives us the opportunity to savor fine Etna DOC wines: award-winning organic wines, also recognized with The Wine Hunter Awards, awards that take into account production and its sustainability, aspects to which the winery pays close attention, making organic cultivation, territoriality and sustainability the cornerstones of the vision corporate.
The Palmento Costanzo bottles are a real riot of aromas, scents and scents that in less than a moment will make you fly to Sicily, precisely on that Etna that has concentrated its best in

these wines.