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Terre di Serrapetrona: scopri i prodotti

Terre di Serrapetrona is a winery that focuses all its commitment on the enhancement of the ancient native Vernaccia Nera grape, obtaining a unique wine of its kind.

Terre di Serrapetrona: tradition, research

and innovation

The Terre di Serrapetrona winery was founded in 1999 as “Tenuta Colli di Serrapetrona”, and above all founded from the beginning on a research project focused on Vernaccia Nera, an ancient native grape variety of the territory, which has always been cultivated in Serrapetrona.

The winery is located on the Macerata hills, in the heart of the Marche region, and its rows are perched on steep slopes at 500 meters above sea level, and overlook the valleys at the foot of the Sibillini Mountains that are lost at a glance until they reach the Adriatic Sea.

The Terre di Serrapetrona winery, owned by the Graidi family, covers an area of 66 hectares, of which about 20 are dedicated to viticulture, conducted according to conventional agronomic standards, but at the same time respecting the balance of environment, nature, ecosystem and biodiversity, so as to harvest qualitatively excellent, healthy and frank bunches, rich and concentrated in every smallest organoleptic nuance.

In the cellar, the oenological management has recently passed from Sandro Paciotti to Fabrizio Ciufoli, but the guidelines followed are the same as always, aimed at achieving the highest possible quality standards, trying to process the fruit, exalting and valuing everything that the season and the territory

have been able to shape in the grapes.

Terre di Serrapetrona: unique and original quality wines

Terre di Serrapetrona's commitment is to enhance the ancient native Vernaccia Nera grape variety. The farm covers 66 hectares, of which about 20 are dedicated to viticulture. 80% of the vines represent the native Vernaccia Nera grape variety; they also cultivate Pecorino, Sauvignon and Sangiovese.

From historical sources and in particular from the documents that emerged in the Barone Spitalieri library dating back to the middle of &' 800, the Vernaccia Nera grape variety is defined as the best red grape variety in the Marche region. This is why reviving the Vernaccia Firma is like rediscovering traditions and becoming aware of the uniqueness of this territory.

The impervious territory, l&' altitude and other morphological characteristics characterize the grape variety for being as tenacious as the work of &' man. For these reasons, La Vernaccia Nera is a wine inextricably linked to its land, so much so as to make it original and identical only to itself.

The Terre di Serrapetrona winery collects the grapes in relation to the level of maturation suitable for the wine it wants to produce. From the grapes to be dried, after months of aging, Robbione, the reserve wine and the Sommo, the passito wine, will be obtained.
Later, he dedicated himself to the harvest of Collecanto, the winery's reference wine that represents a unique experience of its kind.

The Pinot Noir vineyard is dedicated to the production of a quality rosé sparkling wine, Blink. The color itself, the taste and the scent express beauty and joy, la vie en rose.

From Sangiovese, we produce a great red wine and from the Pecorino and Sauvignon cultivars, an elegant and fresh white wine.

From this work made of passion and traditions, the wines signed by Cantine Terre di Serrapetrona are born, such as: Blink Rosato Brut, Robbione, Sommo and Collecanto.
Wines awarded and recognized also by The Wine Hunter Awards