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Monvisotta: scopri i prodotti

Ornella, Luca and Michele. A trio of farmers who in effect become our official partner when it comes to Piedmontese fruits and vegetables.
Hard sacrifice, attention to innovation with a strong eye for tradition and finally a mountain of pure passion for everything that is a child of the earth.

The history of this company is very young, in 2014, but the ten-year business of Ornella Fino, the real boss of Monvisotta, resumes. A name that is all a program. In fact, it is located in a beautiful valley that goes up the slopes of Monviso, the stone peak that dominates western Italy. This extraordinary mountain regulates the climate and elevates the beauty of the landscape.

In a pure environment, criss-crossed by water and verdant for alpine flora, the farm's fruit and vegetables grow. Ornella, Luca and Michele are well known in their lands for the goodness of the fruit and vegetables they sell in the mythical store — tent located on the provincial road that goes up the valley to Piasco.
A space of scents and colors much appreciated by the people of Turin who take refuge here to seek pure air and all the goodness of the earth. Not only in Turin but also in Liguria and Genoa from where many go up here to get hold of Monvisotta products.

Lots of typical and traditional, ancient fruit that has been recovered and replanted. Some PAT brand products and finally beautiful vegetables that take back all the strength of a generous land. We have chosen a series of products that will be seasonal with the guarantee that they will be picked ripe, not coming from the fridge. Simply very fresh!

We will bring home all the passion of these three of our fruit musketeers from the Varaita Valley and let you breathe a little bit of the scents and

pleasantness of that land.