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Lazzaris: scopri i prodotti

The history of Luigi Lazzaris's pastry dates back to the beginning of &' 900 when a pastry chef from Castelfranco Veneto (TV), driven by a passion for fruit and cooking, brings together quinces, candied fruit, mustard oil and produces the first quinced, as it was called in those days. A success that animated the alleys and streets of the town of the great master Giorgione.

Shortly thereafter, Lazzaris' cottagna invaded Venice and the entire region. The first orders began from &' abroad when Luigi Lazzaris began to participate in international exhibitions and competitions, obtaining 6 d& #39 medals; gold in various countries.

Lazzaris: a tradition that is handed down from generation to generation

Since 1922, Lazzaris opened his small manufacturing company in Via XX Settembre and pushes towards the production of various flavors, using excellent raw materials. The tradition is handed down from Luigi to Eirberto and from Claudio to Alberto. Today the &' Lazzaris company, still maintains the ancient recipes of the Castelfranco Pastry Shop and has expanded, offering the highest quality on jams, including

BIO, ice cream and other various preparations.