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Punto Verde: scopri i prodotti

The Punto Verde farm was founded by the Castiglioni family in 1986 in Savignano sul Panaro in the typical Vignola cherry and plum production area. It covers 10 hectares of surface, cultivated combining tradition with the most advanced techniques of organic agriculture. Cherries, duroni, plums, apricots, pears, apples and peaches are some of the specialties produced, to which are added strawberries, figs, pumpkins, tomatoes and other vegetables. The foundation of the philosophy that guides the farm is respect for nature and biodiversity. The passion for organic farming stems from a precise need to preserve the environment and keep intact the flavors and natural taste of fruits and vegetables.

Cultivating and preserving according to biological practices means loving your land, respecting rhythms and seasons, in order to offer authentic and natural products. Often forgotten fragrances, which revive first in our fresh fruit, then in our fruit juices, jams, gourmet compotes and ready-made sauces; all certified BIO by ICEA. A wide range, to be enjoyed at any time of the year


Characteristics of Punto Verde Organic Production

• Use of Alt-Carpò nets, a new technique for fighting moth moth, one of the most harmful insects for pome trees. The plant is wrapped in a white net similar to a mosquito net, which protects the fruits and allows no treatment to be carried out on the plant itself.
• Micro-drip irrigation for a rational use of water.
• Integral turf for orchards.
• Weeding the soil.
• Manual harvest in scalar form, i.e. according to the degree of maturation.
• Organic fertilization


From the countryside to the table: the natural quality of Punto Verde specialties

• Cooking at low temperature 50-60 °C to preserve the colors and properties of the fruit.
• Use of the vacuum method to extract the water contained in the fruit itself and thus concentrate the pulp in a natural and simple way, without the use of pectin or other thickeners.
• Careful sorting and quality control at each production, so as to use only the best fruits, at the right degree of ripeness.
• Use of simple and unique recipes, created with years of experience by the Castiglioni family.
• Careful selection of fruit varieties depending on the type of processing (for example only William pear for the “Frulla Bio Pera”)
• Rational addition of sugar, to enhance the taste of fruit and re-accustom our palates to the right balance

of sweetness.

Innovation and Tradition: the Punto Verde Laboratory

In 2001, the Punto Verde processing laboratory was founded, in which fruits and vegetables are transformed into fruit juices, jams, gourmet compotes, ready-made sauces, and much more, all certified BIO by ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification There are many references available on the market, for a choice that ranges from the simplest preserves to gourmet products. Fruits and vegetables come directly from the farms of the farm, located in Savignano sul Panaro. The recipes are prepared by Luigi and Emanuele Castiglioni, father and son, in a combination of tradition and innovation, always looking for ancient flavors and

new combinations.