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L'Aromaria: scopri i prodotti

L&' Aromaria was founded in 2015 from the desire to revive an old abandoned farm, transforming it into a &' a farm specialized in the cultivation and transformation of aromatic and medicinal plants. This company is located on the hills south of Orvieto, in Umbria, immersed in uncontaminated nature among green oak woods and important testimonies of the territory's past; in this beautiful setting L&' Aromaria cultivates its aromatic plants, olive trees, hemp and some varieties of ancient wheat.

L&' Aromaria has opted for l&' adoption of cultivation techniques that respect nature and biodiversity, completely excluding the use of herbicides and chemical pesticides, a fact that makes these crops completely organic. The heart of the production consists of natural essential oils that are obtained by steam distillation using only the best plants from their own crops, picked by hand and immediately processed to better preserve all their aromas and properties; it is also important to emphasize that the manual collection of plants allows operators to obtain herbs to be distilled intact, clean and weed-free.

Freshly harvested plants are loaded into &' inside the distillation chamber into &' stainless steel still where the passage of steam through the plant material determines l&' extraction of &' essential oil which, being volatile, is dragged towards l&' high together with the steam. The vapor then passes to &' inside a water-cooled coil where, once condensed and transformed into aromatic water, it then separates the &' essential oil. All L&' Aromaria essential oils are therefore 100% natural, VeganOK certified and suitable for food consumption.

The entire production process of essential oils then takes place at &' within the company, from harvest to &' bottling, in order to create a certified artisanal product of the highest quality.