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Azienda Agricola La Fontana: scopri i prodotti

The La Fontana di Campagnari Simone farm is located in San Zeno di Montagna in the province of Verona, on Mount Baldo with a beautiful view of Lake Garda, in the characteristic district of Lumini, an agricultural area where there are cattle farms, meadows, pastures and chestnut groves that produce Marrone di San Zeno D.O.P.

Azienda Agricola La Fontana: passion for BIO

I am Simone and I am 44 years old, I have always lived and worked here at Lumini, with a lot of passion and love for this land and for my animals.
My farm consists of 10 hectares of meadow and pasture, 40 dairy cattle and 1 hectare of chestnut trees. Since I was a child I wanted to do this job and even before finishing my studies I helped my father with business work.

In 2016 with my family, always with the same enthusiasm, I certified my company following the path of organic production, in which I believe and for which I strive every day to create the best product while respecting the well-being of my cattle.

Azienda La Fontana: a name, a story


same name “La Fontana” comes from the bond I feel with my territory because I decided to remember the old town fountain inside my company where, before the municipal aqueduct arrived, all the villagers went to collect water for homes and animals.
My land is naturally organic, my mountains are what distinguish the quality of the area's crops, the traditions and methods of agriculture have been handed down from father to son for many years, preserving the territory, with the utmost respect for nature, without the use of chemicals or forcing methods.

My mission is precisely to continue and improve day by day, with the conviction of making a unique product, which can reach a clientele that knows how to appreciate the tastes of “the past” that convey the authenticity

of mountain areas.