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Manimpasta Vegan: scopri i prodotti

Healthy, genuine products, vegetable and organic ingredients: this is Manimpasta Vegan first and foremost. But then we must also add: artisanal, traditional, good, very good products! His name is Francesco Manetti l&' the soul of this magnificent small artisanal workshop in Livorno where, with the magic of passion, wonderful pastry and gastronomy creations that embrace both the Tuscan tradition and strong principles of respect for &' the environment, for animals and for the &' ecosystem. Choosing to produce Vegan and BIO is a lifestyle choice, a healthy, important choice.

Manimpasta Vegan: the choice of vegan and organic production

The products of this small Livorno laboratory have many advantages, zero defects. The focal points of this production of goodness are l&' craftsmanship, tradition and the origin of the products used: Francesco produces all Manimpasta Vegan products by hand using ancient local recipes and constantly researches organic ingredients, coming from small farms at km 0, or from Italian regions such as Umbria, Lombardy and Sicily, or, as far as ingredients such as cocoa are concerned, choosing them from commercial supply chains fair trade. Francesco's passion and ethics can be found in each of his cookies and in every other product, giving life to foods full of energy and rich in precious organoleptic properties as well as a delight for the palate. #39

The Vegan choice stems precisely from Francesco's ethical reasons, who stands against animal exploitation, instead encouraging organic, healthy production free of chemical elements that could pollute the &' environment and compromise animal health.
In his products we find all his experience as an artisanal producer of culinary goodness, but also his values such as respect and fairness for nature and for all living forms. Manimpasta Vegan is therefore a reality that gives genuineness and healthy principles with its vegan organic products.

Spaghetti & Mandolino can bring to your table a selection of delicious sweet, but also savory biscuits.

Taste its cantucci, cavallucci or rustic biscuits, or try three tasty variations of Livorno's roschette as an appetizer.