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Vigneto dei Salumi: scopri i prodotti

Vigneto dei Salumi was founded in 1960 by Elio Ceradini who began his activity in the laboratory of Arbizzano in Valpolicella. A family passion that has continued for 60 years now with the aspiration to combine quality and craftsmanship, through an indissoluble bond with Italian tradition.

Today it is Walter, Elio's son, who carries on the family's artisanal tradition in the processing of products, a real art exercised with passion and dedication. In fact, it is right in the heart of Valpolicella that the poetic encounter between the fine meat processed with skill and the aromas of the wines that are a symbol of the territory takes place, thus creating an inimitable harmony of flavors.

Vigneto dei Salumi: when tradition meets innovation

The goal at Ceradini is l&' excellence, the fruit of &' union between tradition, represented by classic cuts of pork, and innovation, brought about thanks to the particular processing of sausage with the unique wines of Valpolicella. An unprecedented and undiscovered combination that offers unique products in the world. At &' beginning of the new millennium, however, raw ham, the flagship product of the artisanal sausage factory, experienced a moment of extreme difficulty that jeopardizes the very future of the business.

And it is precisely at this moment that Walter decides not to give up and to invest in the quality of the products and workmanship. This is how the first experiments were born, a journey through trial and error that led to the discovery of products with intoxicating flavors and scents, completely new.

Vigneto dei Salumi: the recipe for quality

The entirely artisanal production of Vigneto dei Salumi finds its raison d'être in the selection of raw materials: the meat used in the laboratory in fact comes exclusively from heavy Italian pigs from the Parma supply chain, while the wines used for refining are the most renowned in Valpolicella. The strong point of Vigneto dei Salumi is the processing that still takes place entirely by hand, from preparation to final quality control.

Vigneto dei Salumi: only excellent products

The products of the Vineyard of Salumi are accompanied by the slow passage of time and need to be consumed with conscious slowness. A slowness that allows you to appreciate the true essence of excellent cold cuts, unique in their kind. On Spaghetti&Mandolino you will find the line of cold cuts from the Vigneto dei Salumi aged in Amarone wine and Recioto della Valpolicella, two true icons of the territory.

Vinappeso: l&' praise for slowness

The products of the Il Vigneto dei Salumi line are the skilful result of the perfect combination between the cut from which culatello is obtained and its aging in Amarone and Recioto. An expression of tradition and innovation, of taste and genuineness, Vinappeso is l&' the incarnation of &' the most intimate essence of Elio and Walter Ceradini's artisanal laboratory.

Vinappeso is a unique sausage, the flagship of the Salumi Vineyard, which crosses previously unexplored boundaries of taste. #39 A magic of scents and flavors that opens up, revealing a new world, where l& #39 meet; traditional excellence and innovative spirit. Vinappeso reveals itself to the public with a completely new flavor but with an ancient soul that knows how to transmit l&' the stylistic imprint of the elegant scents of Amarone and Recioto, prominent elements of the renowned Valpolicella wine tradition.

How was Vinappeso created

Vinappeso was born from an unexpected encounter of local food and wine excellences. It is precisely Walter who decides to dedicate his time and energy to the study and improvement of this new type of sausage that was created precisely to enhance &' a harmonious combination of local flavors. A real gastronomic Big Bang!

After several attempts and errors, the path that today allows Il Vigneto dei Salumi to produce its works d&' art was born. The first step of refining pork takes place in Amarone Passito Secco, awarded the DOCG designation since 2011. This is precisely perhaps the most famous wine of &' the whole of Valpolicella, known all over the world precisely for the fine grapes from which it is produced such as Corvina, Molinara, Rondinella and Corvinone.

L&' Amarone is a fine wine with a strong and decisive personality that, thanks to its aromatic complexity, goes perfectly with cold cuts, giving it a certain uniqueness and quality. L&' ancient predecessor of &' Amarone is Recioto, also the result of a &' it is also the result of a &' careful selection of the best grapes cultivated in the area. It is precisely their processing that gives it the typical sweet taste that distinguishes it, a taste that gently envelops Vinappeso in a warm embrace that gives it a fragrant softness.

Vinappeso is a miracle, which comes to life after a maturation that lasts up to 24 months and which is completed with the &' aging in Amarone and Recioto that lasts a good 100 days. In every slice of Vinappeso you can find all the history and quality of Valpolicella's excellence and all the passion and skill of the Ceradini family. #39

Il Frutteto dei Salumi, the line that smells of citrus fruits

Il Vigneto dei Salumi also offers a &' another line of cold cuts that pursues the same objective: to enhance the excellence of the territory, combining them with the creative spirit and innovation that characterizes the craftsmanship of Il Vigneto dei Salumi. Orange, lemon and bergamot are the protagonists of the Il Frutteto dei Salumi line that will bring the sun to your table!