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Due Palmenti: scopri i prodotti

The Due Palmenti farm is located in the heart of eastern Sicily and more precisely in Pedara, a small village in the province of Catania located at the foot of Mount Etna, at a height of about 610 m above sea level, in the Due Palmenti district, an element from which the &' company took its name.

Due palmento deals with the production and sale of aromatic plants, of which l&' oregano undoubtedly represents the spearhead!

Due Palmenti: the real Sicilian oregano

L&' oregano is a &' a unique aromatic herb that has numerous and very different possible uses in the kitchen. L&' Sicilian oregano grows in mountain and foothill latitudes and it is precisely this particular location that gives it an intense and completely characteristic scent.

It is no coincidence that the term oregano derives from the Greek word “oros”, mountain, and “ganos”, joy, which literally means the joy of the mountains. A true treasure of nature that Due Palmenti decided to enhance also thanks to &' help from Spaghetti&Mandolino!

Due palmento and the poetry of the territory

The territorial context in which Due Palmenti is immersed is rich in history and rural traditions handed down from father to son, generation after generation. Green hills, farmhouses, noble villas and terraces are the backdrop to a landscape that appears to travelers to be out of time and space.

Mount Etna stands tall and majestic in the background, however, acting, at the same time, as an affectionate and caring mother who provides ideal conditions for cultivating the products of the earth.

The characteristic climate of the Etna territory, characterized by mild and moderately rainy winters and hot and sunny summers, combined with sandy, light soil rich in microelements, deriving from lava flows whose origin is lost in the mists of time, make this enchanting place, particularly suitable and suitable for hosting a wide variety of typical local crops.

Among them, aromatic herbs certainly stand out, which, thanks to the soil and climatic factors just described, are able to release particularly fragrant and intense smells, flavors and aromas, unique in their kind compared to the varieties cultivated in other locations.

Due palmento and l&' attention to l&' environment

L&' Due Palmenti company has as its primary objective to offer its customers agricultural products and services with high quality standards through the implementation of a form of sustainable agriculture with low environmental impact.

This method of cultivation aims on the one hand at &' obtaining healthy and genuine products and, from &' on the other, at the enhancement of typical territorial characteristics and local traditions, trying to best combine tradition and