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Il Bottaccio: scopri i prodotti

The culture of &' d&' olive oil of the highest quality has been part of the Guglielmi family for several generations and today Luca is the guardian of this important tradition started in 1925 by his grandfather Ermelindo. We are in Tuscany, in a hilly area, but a few steps from the sea and the famous Bolgheri cypresses: this is where Il Bottaccio stands with its olive trees and oil mill. A place appreciated all over the world for its wines, the climate, the beauty of the rolling hills adorned with centuries-old olive groves and capable of producing a noteworthy extra virgin oil.

The Il Bottaccio company consists of 30 hectares of olive groves, partly centuries-old, distributed between the area of Venturina Terme and Monterotondo Marittimo with a variation in altitude from 50 to 100 meters above sea level. It is in this specific geographical area that, thanks to the climatic characteristics, the type of soil, the influence of the winds and the presence of thermal waters that flow underground, those precious and tasty fruits are obtained from which l& #39 is obtained; oil from Il Bottaccio.

Thanks to the passion for cultivation, harvesting and production handed down from one generation to the next, Bottaccio looks to the development of modern organic olive growing, in the sign of the continuity of an activity that respects the territory and the quality of Tuscan peasant traditions. The production is focused on &' extra virgin olive oil, the result of the selection of olives produced exclusively by the company. An oil, therefore, an expression of the Tuscan culture for good things, a guarantee of supply chain and absolute excellence


Il Bottaccio: top quality oil, also from organic farming

Il Bottaccio has as its first business objective the production of only high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In order to achieve this objective, in the various phases of production (cultivation, fertilization, pruning, harvesting, pressing, storage, bottling and packaging), scrupulous monitoring is carried out, so that the &' extra virgin olive oil keeps its peculiar characteristics unchanged throughout the supply chain. Irrigation systems in olive groves, annual pruning of plants, manual or semi-manual olive harvesting, pressing times no more than 8 hours from harvest and cold pressing are some of the fundamental and necessary points to guarantee high quality oil.
The interventions related to the various productive moments unfold in all the seasons of &' year so that, from spring to &' winter, the Guglielmi family takes care of the plants to promote their birth, growth and the harvest of fruits.

In order to obtain an excellent oil both for its particular cultivation techniques and for its taste and organoleptic characteristics, Il Bottaccio follows the regulations of &' Organic agriculture.
L&' objective is the production of healthy and high-quality food, absolutely free of chemicals and synthesis, but also to protect &' the environment, to maintain soil fertility and to save &' energy.
Therefore, no chemical products (fertilizers, pesticides) are used, but only organic fertilizers following a specific and strict production discipline.

L&' organic oil obtained from it contributes to a &' healthy diet free of pesticide residues, respects the natural cycle of &' olive tree, contributes to the natural restoration of &' ecosystem, and everything is subject to continuous checks by certification bodies.

Respect and protection of the environment have always been a fundamental prerogative of &' Il Bottaccio company. In fact, all forms of synthetic and non-recyclable material have been eliminated in all production phases and in the final products themselves. Il Bottaccio uses only eco-friendly packaging materials, only paper and cardboard, aluminum caps, glass and aluminum bottles, recycled wooden pallets, recycled paper and biodegradable labels. Even in the offices, the Guglielmi family uses only wood, iron, steel and glass furniture, and also uses clean, green energy, coming from renewable