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Pasta Natura: scopri i prodotti

From seed to table”: here is the slogan of Pasta Natura, which in a few words indicates what is the heart of the activity itself. Control of the supply chain, cultivation of different cultures in their land, immediate cereal processing and slow and natural drying of grains at low temperatures: these are the simple actions that make Pasta Natura products great.
Thanks to artisanal production, it is possible to monitor every single step to guarantee a high quality product to the end customer. The goal is to provide good and healthy food to all people who have decided to eat carefully, following a balanced diet free of gluten, cholesterol and added sugar. So here is the purpose of Pasta Natura: to rediscover the goodness of the Mediterranean diet thanks to products based on healthy and genuine ingredients


Pasta Natura: quality with the safety of the short supply chain

Just a few kilometers from Cuneo, one of the most important cities in Piedmont, you can find the headquarters of the Pasta Natura company, where the products are made thanks to sustainable, organic and completely GMO-free agriculture. The land where the cereal and legume plants used by the company are cultivated are located a few kilometers from the Villafalletto pasta production site. The different hectares used for the purpose are cultivated by skilled collaborators, allowing the production of several tons of grains that are stored a few moments after harvest. The time that passes from artisanal pasta production to &' packaging the finished product is very minimal. Pasta Natura is in fact a great example of a short supply chain.

The seeds used are mostly of Italian origin, at zero km, so as to ensure the high quality of the finished product. A large part of the production takes place at the farm's headquarters, certified BIO. The steps to which the grains are subjected are minimal. The farm, by controlling the processing on site, has managed to reduce the steps that separate the raw material from the production, which is typically artisanal.
The seeds are processed directly, managing to preserve the original nutritional values of the raw material also thanks to the low processing temperatures that make it possible not to alter the nutritional and organoleptic properties of the grains. This is why, thanks to Pasta Natura products, you will bring a good, healthy and tasty dish to your table


Pasta Natura, gluten-free, true philosophy of &' company

Pasta Natura has set itself the goal of producing Gluten Free and organic pasta with the use of special flours that are naturally gluten-free. This is a goal created in response to the needs of people with celiac disease, whose number is increasing. In fact, gluten-free pasta has become part of the daily consumption of a large group of people who are very attentive to the quality of the product and its consistency with their needs. It was precisely this trend, in continuous growth, that made the company understand which direction to take and what to devote greater attention and research to to produce artisanal pasta and products that meet the needs of the most attentive consumer. This is why today Pasta Natura can offer a wide range of gluten-free, hyperproteic, non-protein pasta, with fibers and with a low glycemic index, depending on the type chosen, thus allowing everyone to find the right ingredient for their daily