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Domenis 1898: scopri i prodotti

It all began way back in 1898, when the Domenis embark on a journey into the heart of an ancient production method to distill unique grappa. Using white pomace, black pomace and fruit, they create a “historic” grappa with unparalleled organoleptic characteristics, recognizing it as a high-end distillate.


Domenis 1898: a centuries-old story of passion and distilling tradition!


Over the years, Domenis has evolved and established itself in the domestic market, thanks to large investments in distillation techniques and patents for copper stills and discontinuous low-pressure direct steam method.

The passion for grappa is consolidated with &' the introduction of new products such as Storica, an immediate success that makes them recognized leaders in the sector. Over time, Domenis embraces sustainability, producing organic and kosher grappa, satisfying the growing demands for a healthier and more environmentally friendly life. #39


Domenis 1898: a distillery that evolves together with the market Continuous research and innovation lead to


the creation of new products such as Amaro and Sambuca, which further consolidate Domenis' quality and l&' excellence


With pride, in 2016, Domenis renews itself and becomes DOMENIS1898 srl, bringing with it its centuries-old tradition and distilling expertise, looking to the future with new products, new markets and new challenges.

The range of offers is expanding, alongside the lowest alcohol grappas, blending spirits, such as bitters and gins, together with creams. Storica Nera BIO was also born, a symbol of quality and respect for the &' environment


To celebrate 120 years of excellence, DOMENIS1898 launches LA120, a selection of the best aged grappas, which has already won multiple awards.

In addition to grappa, DOMENIS1898 offers exclusive gins, liqueurs such as Storica Amaro, Storica Verde and Storica Sambuca, all recognized excellences.

But the news doesn't end there: the Trittico line expands with Queen Mary, a hemp bitter, DOMAZ, a zero-alcohol bitter, and Ros, Blanc and Rosé Vermouth.


Passion, l&' art and dedication to grappa, combined with &' innovation and sustainability, make DOMENIS1898 a unique and compelling brand, ready to amaze with new and innovative products, perfect for Mixology enthusiasts and for those looking for l&' excellence in every sip.