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Erica Fontana chose her land of Arcè. An architect who has not resisted the call of the simplest and most genuine nature.
In love since she was a child with working in the fields and the miracle of life among dad's fruit trees. The family business was built in the early twentieth century on the banks of the Adige river near the town of Pescantina and, in particular, in the hamlet of Arcè. Green and blue of the merged waters together with a wild nature made of linden trees, mulberries, brambles along the banks and elderberries that are still wild.
A small paradise where the Fontanas have been applying a strict biological protocol since 1996, with deep respect for their mother earth. Simple and daily actions that accompany the seasons of peasant life. A beautiful ancient courtyard with a renovated farmhouse that still smells of its history.

Fontana Bio and its products are as good as homemade!

An enchanted oasis where Erica in her rubber boots walks through the fields and visits her plants and takes care of them.
From his fruit and vegetables he prepared his creations of compotes, jams, creams, juices and syrups. Recipes known within the walls of the country house, handed down by grandmother and mother and now placed in the glass of jars.
Erica is thrilled every time she opens one...