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Pasta Ubriaca Zafferano, capers and Lugana

FabioFabio Ferrari

Cook the Terre Alte Picene symbiotic half-sleeves (this pasta smells like hazelnuts, a firm bite) with 3/4 of water and 1/4 of wine (have you ever tried to cook pasta with a little' of wine?) Lugana Bio Madre Perla del Garda (scents of tropical fruit, minerals and great drinking) and three Pantelleria capers with their Kattibuale salt (Mediterranean!) per person.

Drain the pasta and butter with a grated Matteo Bertoli Zafferano Lingotto (buttery and spicy, a real treat that embellishes any culinary work, even the simplest!) , served with elegance, pour a drizzle of Terre Alte Picene EVO oil, decorate with a parsley leaf and accompany with the same wine.

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