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Bonnat: scopri i prodotti

What is good for the palate is not bad for &' soul.” This is the motto of Chocolatier Bonnat, a French company whose excellence we cannot fail to celebrate. Their chocolate is a real d& #39 story; love that began in 1884 with Felix Bonnat, the founder, first pillar of this great chocolate shop. For centuries, family members have done their best in &' the art of chocolate and their know-how has become a strong culture, a natural vector of universally recognized values.

Chocolatier Bonnat in three words: hospitality, taste and quality

Artisanal chocolate has become a common commitment in this family, where parents and children work together to provide the best of &' hospitality, taste and quality. The current owner, Stéphane Bonnat, watches carefully and jealously over the maintenance of this prestigious tradition. A true cocoa scientist, he selects beans from the best plantations in the world.

All cacao comes in the form of beans from exotic places, from South America, but also from &' the East. Chocolatier Bonnat uses an artisanal roasting system that develops wonderful aromas and flavors.

The Maitre Chocolatier, then, tries his art in blending, with secret recipes, the various types of cocoa. Exceptional chocolates come out of their headquarters in Voiron, so much so that Bonnat has been recognized by Georg Bernardini, one of the world's leading global chocolate experts, among the 25 best chocolate producers in the world.

All Bonnat chocolates are still made with pure cocoa butter today, following Felix Bonnat's traditional and original recipe. They are tablets that already enchant with their scent: let yourself be seduced by exotic flavors that

you will always carry in your heart.