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Gli Aironi - Risi & Co.: scopri i prodotti

The Grey Herons have returned to populate the rice fields of the Perinotti family.
It is the best result, the one that consolidates an important path that has made it possible to eliminate any chemical forcing and to produce naturally at the best rhythms dictated by mother nature.

Herons are an unambiguous bioindicator. Among the granges of Vercelli, in the town of Lignana, in the province with the highest concentration of rice fields in Europe, Michele Perinotti continues the tradition of his father and four other generations before him. The Pracantone estate where the rice seedlings are located has a long story to tell.

All the experience gained in these decades today is aimed at the production of high quality native rice and other delicacies from the noble cereal. Products that are conquering the most important international restaurant tables. Innovation that marries tradition such as the very tasty Crunchy Rice which, in addition to embellishing the taste of our dishes, make us have fun at the table. Michele's products are in the most important Italian and European gourmet shops. All products are without the addition of preservatives thanks to a patented closing system that eliminates any form of airborne contamination. Many of the products are certified organic. The new 100% beer produced with rice is very interesting. In short, The Herons, do not make us think of the usual white bean but they manage to amaze with new and versatile products. A must try!