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Cantina Merano: scopri i prodotti

Cantina Merano is a farm immersed in the Merano area at the gateway to Val Venosta and is able to offer you a wide range of wines with an authentic and unique character.



Cantina Merano: a successful viticultural challenge

The Merano Winery was founded in July 2010 from the merger of two historic Merano wineries: the Cantina Vini Merano, established in 1952, and the Burggräfler Winery founded in 1901.



The Merano Winery consists of 360 members who care for and work a vineyard area of about 245 hectares. For the most part, these are families that have been handing down this passion for generations now. The work of winemakers on steep slopes and terraces is mainly done by hand: the constant care of the vines and customized cultivation methods contribute to the protection of the landscape.

The areas around the city of Merano and Val Venosta are very different areas. An exciting viticultural challenge that requires the creation of a repertoire of wines that considers, depending on the climatic conditions, exclusively the best contexts for the growth of individual grape varieties. Because the Merano Winery does not follow fashion trends and when choosing suitable vines, it pays meticulous attention to existing conditions such as climate, soil and the very location of the vineyards.



Cantina Merano wines: the authentic Merano people



task of the Merano Winery is to complete the work of art born in the vineyards. At the time of harvest, each bunch is cut by hand and carefully checked, to provide a selected and impeccable raw material. The next phase involves the aging of these fine grapes with delicate processes and innovative production methods, accompanied by the experience, sensitivity and intuition of the oenologist Stefan Kapfinger.

The Merano Winery produces strictly authentic wines with special notes that are able to convey the special character of the grape grown on our territory in a landscape historically inspired by viticulture. The company's top priority is to maintain the authentic character of the wine, so that the latter maintains its roots.

The production areas around the city of Merano and in the lower Vinschgau Valley are located in a geographically very advantageous position, located in the heart of the Alps, protected and sheltered to the north from cold winds thanks to the Tessa group mountain range and benefited thanks to an outlet to the south. The mountains give the wine not only a very particular finesse, but also a strong aromatic composition, due to strong temperature changes.



Merano Winery: wines from more than 20 grape varieties



Thanks to the rich diversity between the wine-growing areas around the city of Merano and in Val Venosta, more than 20 different grape varieties find the best conditions for development. This extraordinary variety is reflected in the wide choice of wines, collected in four lines: Festival, Graf, Val Venosta and the V Vineyards and Rarity selection


The “pearls” of Cantina Merano's assortment are kept within the line of vineyards and rarities that encompass wines from small and carefully chosen vineyards, with a reduced yield and excellent grapes.

Enthusiasts can choose from a selection of refined red wines, excellent white wines and DOC sparkling wine.

They are all excellent creations that combine the right ingredients to amaze: wines recognized and awarded also by The WineHunter Awards.