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Antico Molino Rosso: scopri i prodotti
The sweet little boat nestled on the Menago stream welcomes all those who arrive for the first time at Gaetano Mirandola's Antico Molino Rosso. A suggestive image that captures the essence of this beautiful biological reality of the production of high quality flours and cereals.

Antico Molino Rosso: water, earth, man

The virtuous triangle that generates life. Gaetano Mirandola has always been recognized as one of the most active and important ambassadors and communicators of BIO value in Italy. Starting from the province of Verona, from lands unknown to most people, with a centuries-old cereal vocation among ancient riverbeds, produced by the old paths of the Adige and its branches into ditches and streams that have served the local populations and their crops. Those of the lower Verona area were once land with many mills and even today there are important testimonies of them, such as those of the Molino Rosso. Gaetano Mirandola, in these places created a company that is a laboratory of ideas even before a real dusty flour and cereal mill.

This is where his idea of dietary balance was born, which is based on knowledge. A value that does not only concern his company but above all those who work on those lands to produce in a healthy and responsible way, respectful of the environment and its integrity. A strong action to raise awareness and communicate with cereal companies, bakers and all the artisans who worked those flours. An effort that has borne fruit and today has changed the way of conceiving the quality of mill products among operators and, increasingly, among consumers.

Antico Molino Rosso: organic, sustainable products

When you buy Antico Molino Rosso flour, you participate in a process of environmental, economic and productive sustainability. All this with respect for human rights and for the cleanliness of creation. Gaetano Mirandola has accustomed the world of communication to talking about biodedicated companies, that is, about realities that produce only what they succeed based on the seasons and what Mother Nature reserves every year. There is nothing chemically forced. Nothing stressful for nature and for plants. It is a new concept that brings man closer to the earth and makes him a participant in its essentiality. We made the selection of products together with Gaetano who reserved an exclusive for us that embellishes our virtual shelves; that sixth sense that every form of life

has: its soul.