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Zamuner: scopri i prodotti

Made in VenetoChampagne” was the reason for living of the engineer Daniele Zamuner. Today it is for her daughter Alessandra, who has been managing the farm since 2016



Zamuner, A corner of France in Veneto.

Five hectares of Pinot Noir, Meunier and Chardonnay, basic grape varieties for the production of Champagne, have been rooted for 40 years in Sona, halfway between Verona and Lake Garda. Galeotta was Daniele Zamuner's visit to Champagne at the end of the 70s. The question he asked the representatives of the oenological institute shocked everyone: “How can I do the same thing in my house?”. This is how the 'wedding cellar' by Daniele Zamuner was born, who had done his calculations as a good engineer

. The

moraine hills of Sona, on the slopes of Monte Spada, are suitable for the cultivation of Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir, in addition to Chardonnay. The presence of limestone is fundamental for this miniature France, created following the retreat of the glaciers that gave birth

to Lake Garda.


The success of “made in Veneto” bubbles

The winery has been entrusted from the beginning to a series of trusted oenologists who share the project. A project that, even today, is entrusted to the hands of the historic cellarman, Alessandra Zamuner's real right-hand man. And the success of these Made in Veneto bubbles is evidenced by the mammoth armored door that “defends

” the cellar vault.


L&' company and the vault protected by the armored door


Almost all the historic vintages are kept inside, in addition to the desks necessary to put the bottles on end. In this small town in Veneto, the view of the shelf where dozens of bottles of Eighties sparkling wine rest, still on the line and to be discharged, has a certain effect.



excellent wines of &' Zamuner company - Classic Method

Zamuner wines are known for &' excellent application of the so-called Claccico Method.

This method was learned in the lands of Champagne and adapted to the Verona territory. Since it does not have to be subject to any regulations, the Zamuner Classic Method uses the same vines used for centuries in the French region, and is appreciated for its very fine perlage, large bouquet and interesting mouth length. The jewel in the crown of the winery is the exclusive use of only the estate's grapes, whose vegetation phases are carefully followed. For fermentation, yeast strains selected by the Champagne Oenological Institute are used, designed for refermentation in the bottle.